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Dissertation help on the transition from reception to year one

Discussion in 'Primary' started by comenius, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    See if you can get hold of 'Moving on to Key Stage 1' by Julie Fisher OUP. We've found it very useful for ideas for transition and using play in year 1.
  2. Thank you very much!! I've ordered the book from Amazon [​IMG]
    I think I've decided I want to explore the importance of play and its continuity to Year 1 as my focus of the transition. Any advice about the benefits of continuing play based learning in Year 1 would also be greatly appreciated! Thank you again,
  3. Hi there, I am currently doing a similar dissertation on transistion, I recommend looking at the book entitled onwards and upwards it is a nice read and very helpful, may I also suggest that you look at Ofsted 2004 report about transition, although beyond that there is not much that is current it all dates around 2005/6/7. You will find that although when children move upward towards year one, there is an unfortunate awkwardness of tests and that sometimes you will hear teachers say that play is restricted to break times, which I find is a shame. As majority of children at the age of five are onclined to play a, as it is a natural tendency.

    Hope this helps and good luck Leanne

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