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dissertation help needed!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by susiemc16, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post and I hope someone can help with my dissertation or point me in the right direction.
    Initially, i told my lecturer I would like to investigate the reasons why Design and Technology is in threat of being removed from the national curriculum. But I'm not unsure about this area as I feel this area is already well discussed and I don?t want to copy what?s already out there. In my research lately, there are a lot of discussions on why it's in threat and why we need to save the subject. However, I would like to write a paper addressing the issues of how it can be saved from the removal threats. What needs to be done to ensure the subject meets the needs of Schools, Society and our Economy? What's wrong with the current strategies in the subject and why it needs to be changed in order to meet its full potential.

    I'm also thinking of doing a conference paper instead of a dissertation. The paper would be more about research and result driven than analysing existing resources.

    I want to know whether I should go down this route and how I could possible go about the research.
    I was thinking of looking at areas such as, the D&T programme book, subject funding and training, competitions with other subjects, technology growth and innovation, and teaching strategies.
    Thanks for your time and any suggestion is welcomed.
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Start with the reputation of the subject in society....
    Its still very much seen as a practical, making sort of subject and people don't realise the actual learning that takes place. as i put in a thread a few days ago... everyone asks "what did you make in tech?" not "what did you learn in tech?"
    Politicians don't see the value in the subject because they're all either public school boys who didn't do it or they were the academic kids in school who couldn't see the worth / didnt have the interest.
    We can work our b0ll0cks off trying to improve the subject and trying "stratergies" (I hate that word) but at the end of the day, unless we change the perception of the subject it will always be under threat.

  3. cheers that's a good point you've made.
    I'm guessing if adults in society don't generally think the subject is useful, then school pupils sometimes tend to also miss it's value aswell.
  4. Oh and how true this is.
    When students are making Option choices they often pick a DT subject "to act as a relaxation" to counter the others. I've also found that if their grades are not as high as expected, their parents and themselves write it off as "only DT".
  5. alan1970

    alan1970 New commenter


    I've had many discussions with parents about what they made at school and the mad 'Tech' teacher who used to throw mallets at kids etc.

    I agree.

    The key to raising the status of DT is to educate people that it is no longer about simply making. I've even started to hate the name 'DT'. I prefer to discuss my subject under the wider remit of product design. This grabs parents' attention and can develop their interest to the point that they ask more intelligent questions...

    Still have the odd parent who always finishes with: - 'still sounds like old CDT don't it?' Whatever happened to that?'

  6. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    So, So true [​IMG]
  7. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Agree with all of the above! sadly, we can't agree as a dep't that PD is the way to go, even though it is the way we have gone. "Food Tech" have started running "Hospitality and Catering" Instead. Forgive me if i'm wrong, but doesn't that conjure up images of the kitchen as a work place rather than simply being able to make your own dinner?
    *ducks for cover from flying utensils!
  8. I can help you only write to my email


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