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Dissertation : Cyberbullying.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by chloesutheran, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. chloesutheran

    chloesutheran New commenter

    I am doing my dissertation on cyber-bullying from a secondary school teachers perspective and their awareness and knowledge. It would be brilliant if some of you could answer these questions in depth about the knowledge you have on cyber bullying in your work place and the strategies in place to stop it. I would be very grateful if you could take part in this.


    How would you describe cyber-bullying? And what is your understanding of it?

    What forms of cyber-bullying are you aware of?

    Do you think that cyber-bullying has become more of an issue recently? If so why?

    Is cyber-bullying a problem in the school? If so how many issues of it have you come across?

    Do you think cyber-bullying has progressively become worse in the school that you work in? If so why?

    Do you think that cyber-bullying effects a child's mental health? if so why and how?

    What support systems do you have in place to support victims of bullying/cyber-bullying?

    How do you address cyber-bullying when it is reported to you?

    In your professional opinion do you think that cyber-bullying effects a child’s academic performance and overall involvement at school? If so why?

    What sorts of strategies would you propose to deal with cyber-bullying?

    How do you think that cyber-bullying could be prevented?

    Do you think that more training needs to be given to teachers to help understand and deal with this issue? If so why?


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