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Disruptive singers

Discussion in 'Music' started by ejbonner1, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. ejbonner1

    ejbonner1 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I enjoy leading singing sessions with my year 8 and 9 classes and usually manage to achieve a lot. However, on occasion there are a handful of pupils who deliberately sing badly and very loudly. A few of these have unusually deep voices (they are all girls) and may simply be struggling with the tessatura and I can address this. The repertoire is diverse and appealing to the majority of the girls but in one class I am convinced that a girl is attention seeking by singing badly and loudly. Does anyone have any tips for turning this situation into something more satisfactory for the class and for me? The girl in question is frequently on report and is known as a bit of a trouble maker around school.

  2. tanbur

    tanbur New commenter

    Have you tried solos for the songs? Do the students have any say in the choice of song repertoire?
  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Give her a different role, playing a drum or something? It gives her a bit of attention on your terms, a bit of responsibility, and the others can't join in with what she's doing.
  4. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    It's difficult, because singing is always a delicate subject. How might a teacher in a different subject deal with this situation? Eg. A student seemingly flouting the safety rules in a Science lesson, or dropping the ball (literally) in a PHE lesson? Ie. is it intentional or a lack of knowledge/skills? How would this be addressed in these other subjects? Could this work in your class?
    Some other thoughts... Have you spoken to/worked with her individually on her singing (perhaps a luxury in a class setting?)? Have you video'ed the lesson and asked the students to do a self-assessment (of the whole choir)? Have you had students use handheld recorders (if you have them) (to record individuals singing as part of the whole group) and then self-assess? (this might help you to know if it's intentional or not).
    All the best. Let us know how it goes.

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