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Displays/decoration/organisation of music room - ideas please

Discussion in 'Music' started by walnuthead, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I am looking for good ideas for display & organisation of my primary music room for next year. I'm bored with it, and want to liven it up a bit. Any good ideas gratefully received. (Both practical and aesthetic ideas, please.)
  2. I did a large octopus holding 8 containes (Boxes and Bottles ) each one moarked with a different Musical Element. He was holding the boxes over and around the ' Music Pot'
    We did Music Recipes for composition frameworks and the whole thing really helped the children to remember the musical elements

  3. 1. Have loads of instruments out and ready to use at all times - where possible hang
    them from the walls (in a way that allows them to easily be got down) if floor space is
    at a premium. Musical instruments are aesthetically beautiful things, and with a bit of imaginative layout (to avoid just appearing cluttered) you don't really need much else. It creates a vibrant, different, creative atmosphere for the kids which sets the music room apart from all the other classrooms.

    2. Poster-size photo printouts of the kids performing, both in class and at
    assemblies, school productions etc. Kids tend to forget
    all the wonderful things they've done in music over the years (though
    the results of their learning stay with them), and using the walls as a
    scrapbook of achievements can be great for their confidence. And seeing others in action (even in photos) is a great motivator.

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