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Display ideas for target posters

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by GemCarr, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. GemCarr

    GemCarr New commenter

    Hi all.
    I just wanted to see if any of you wonderful people had any ideas which I could steal for my wall to pin point students progress towards their targets.
    I have seen a race track used where the students names were moved around the track for the different levels they achieved. But I want something a bit more...general??? I think that is the word.
    Basically I have been trying to be imaginative, but this is failing me at the moment as I am in a new post and working very hard to impress, so my imaginative side has failed me. [​IMG]
    Any ideas would be very gratefully accepted.
  2. Hi,
    I have been thinking about the same thing just recently. I have an area of unused wall which is painted yellow(!) and it is my intention to paint on a large 4 bar music stave which will be a visual resource of displaying 'moveable' pupil names regarding progression in a single lesson or over a series of lessons. I have mulled this over with a few members of staff to try and work out the best way to display this. I was thinking about having a laminated piece of blank paper at the side of the stave, (where the instrument name would appear on a score) which allows you to write a focus such as the lesson objective, particular instrumental technique or listening skill. The bars would be labelled from level 3-7 (standard for our school) and pupils would stick their laminated name in the 'levelled bar' where they would place their understanding at the beginning of the lesson. This can then be accessed throughout the lesson where pupils would update their 'level' (can be sub levelled as well) in response to their individual progress and understanding. They could also put their name further 'up' the stave in relation to pitch to demonstrate the sub levels? Really hope this makes sense as I'm still in the development stages.

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