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Display ideas for start of term....

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by giggles_88, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I start my first teaching job in a reception class in September and need to prepare my display boards. I want to leave some ready for the children's work but also have some finished to make the classroom look more welcoming in September!
    I thought I could have a birthday's display - I have seem some balloons on ********** but does anyone have anymore creative ideas?
    Also thought about having a gallery area to share their work from both home and school.
    Other ideas
    - Jolly phonics/letters and sounds display (first 6 sounds?)
    - 'Our class' - room for self portraits as the topic is me and my family.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas [​IMG] x
  2. Hi,
    I start my first teaching job in a reception class in September and need to prepare my display boards. I want to leave some ready for the children's work but also have some finished to make the classroom look more welcoming in September!
    I thought I could have a birthday's display - I have seem some balloons on ********** but does anyone have anymore creative ideas?
    Also thought about having a gallery area to share their work from both home and school.
    Other ideas
    - Jolly phonics/letters and sounds display (first 6 sounds?)
    - 'Our class' - room for self portraits as the topic is me and my family.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas [​IMG] x
  3. Hiya,
    I am about to start my NQT year in Reception and am also wanting advice on use of display boards [​IMG].
    The birthday display sounds like a great idea as it ties in with the 'me and my family' theme you are following, my theme is 'ourselves' for the first three weeks and have got a birthday train set up on one display, basically each carriage represents a month of the year and I am putting up a picture of each child with their date of birth underneath it.
    I've been told to have display boards ready so that in the first couple of weeks you can get the children to do portraits, or even draw around a boy and girl in your class and get all the children to paint it, and then label the parts of the body. You could also have the children use different materials to make a picture of themselves and their families, perhaps copying from a photograph that you could also put on the display.
    Just an idea, hope you get sorted very soon!
  4. Hi Giggles and Lizzie - congratulations to you both on your new teaching jobs in Year R. All the best for September. Try to enjoy as much of the summer hols as you can as before you know it you'll be beavering away till the next holiday!
    I teach reception and keep some displays all year around. I have a birthday board, courtesy of sparkle box - what would we do without them? I use one board for phonics where I display phonemes and high frequency words and tricky words we are working on that week. (Simple to change on a weekly basis). I am planning to have a 'We have been learning' board in september where I will display children's photos taken as I feel I do not make the most of these. I plan to change this once a month. At the beginning of the month it will obviously be quite empty but will grow with the month as the children pursue their activities. I think the children will relate well to this as they love looking at photos of themselves and will also provide information for parents about the sorts of activities their children have been doing. I try to keep a PSRN display and a CLL display, but obviously depends on the sort of thing the children have been doing as not always easy to display. Other boards are used for creative and KUW. It is good to bear in mind that the displays do not have to be arty, they can be about anything, a good one to start may be your class rules and photos of children doing the right thing with captions such as ... In our class we line up nicely, are kind to each other, share and take turns etc. As long as you can get the photo to show they do!! It's just catching them at the right time. I found this really helps early days with PSHE. Last year I had photos of my new class taken during their visits and displayed a welcome board for them. They loved seeing their photos and the parents thought it was a good idea, it also helped them learn names of their childs new classmates. Some people take photos of their families during home visits and maybe if you do this you could use this as part of your topic on 'Me and my family'. Wishing you all the best for a happy year ahead with Year R.
  5. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    Many Conrats! Gosh I remember it well . . seems like yesterday. You must be very excited!
    We're doing 'Ourselves' this half term too and as half of my kids are going to be new to school I am going to start off with a big display of digital photographs of all the children plus parents for a 'Welcome' display.
    I too try to do displays for either the theme or the area of learning - always have PSRN, some phonics - rhyming words, voice sounds etc. At the beginning I tend to try and involve the kids in lots of arty stuff to put up in the gallery.
    A Parents Board is a good idea too . . . pictures of you and your staff, maybe some info on EYFS, areas of learning, birthdays this month, themes, how paretns can help at home etc
    Don't worry at this stage - you'll soon be worrying that you haven't got enough space for al your lovely displays!
    Good Luck!
  6. hi all
    in my cloakroom (which is quite big!!) i have 3 displays - i have one with all the pics of children on with their name and parent notices on, another with development matters info and goals with the intention to stick up pics of children under each area of learning and an attendance board to show who is in our class today

    with regards to the classroom i have -
    under the sea display (1st topic)
    gallery of kids work board
    information board - visual timetable, kids jobs etc
    self registration board
    investors in pupils target board
    a word wall board - cll and letters and sounds
    a news board - look at current local and global news

  7. SqMandes

    SqMandes New commenter

    RE: The photos of parents and children. Last year we did a "Where in the world are we from?" display along similar lines.
    We put up a map of the world and had photos of the chidlren and parents dotted around the map. We also had photos of staff and their families. We then had string connecting each photo to the parts of the world they were associated with. I.e. even if they were born in Britain they may have some Jamaican heritage so we would have two strings from the photo to the UK and to Jamaica.
    We've kept the map to use for the next intake as it proved really popular. We then gave the parents the family photos as part of their leaving portfolio this summer.
  8. Wow thanks for all the fantastic ideas! : )
    Does anyone use a display board for children to organise/choose their planning areas?
  9. Teach This website has some great ready made charts and resources, including birthday charts. However, it is a subscription site. It has a wealth of resources suitable for lower primary students and would be great for a rangeof displays.
  10. HI giggles
    I have a birthday board which the children make together on their first two days in school. On day one the children cover two very large cutouts of birthday cakes with ripped pieces of coloured paper. I usually use brown wrapping paper for the cake and sugar/tissue paper for the icing.I then cover them with sticky back plastic. On day two each child has a cut out of a birthday cake (looks a bit like a bun with icing). They are sized at 6 to an A4 page. They colour it in giving it their favorite coloured icing. The children then put 4 chocolate buttons(black marker pen) onto the icing. These cakes are labled, laminated and cut out.
    The two big cakes are put on the wall with signs saying 'we are 4' and 'we are 5'. The children put their cakes on the big 4 cake and when they are 5 they add another button and move it over to the 5 cake. The children love making it and when it is their borthday they really feel grown up at moving their cake. It also means one less board to worry about throughout the year. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi Caramel,
    I love your birthday display idea - but what about those with birthdays in August, they will never get to move their cupcake? : (
    I always think of this as I was the youngest in my class in primary school and always asked my mum 'why is everyone five and i'm only four, it's not fair!'. This followed throughout my life - everyone can drive and i can't, everyone can drink and I can't...haha.

  12. We celebrate the august birthday's in the last week of term. All the children take home their own cakes and we ask the parents to put it on fridge for the children to add the extra dot when it is their birthday. We did have one child who kept adding the dots until they left the school (age 9). Children need to learn from an early age that they have to wait and be patient. We have never had any problems and I think that whatever birthday display you did you would come up with a similar problem.
  13. I too am an NQT starting my first teaching job in September.
    A really nice idea I had seen from a previous placement i was on during my PGCE year was a display for trains, one for each month of the year, which displayed each child's birthday. It was bright and colourful, and took up a nice amount of space. THe teacher obviously must have had a lot of time on her hands over the summer, but it looked really welcoming and fun.

    Hope that helps? I too am after similar ideas for my year 1 class!
  14. All sounds inviting! I have done various birthday boards - ********** is good but also check out Bev Evans' site for ideas, loads! Take head n shoulder photos of each child, small size, then put onto relevant birthday 'cake' for each month , or do an 'I'm 4' 'I'm 5' board.

    Saw a fab idea in one classroom - a 'living' dictionary - they based it around letters and sounds, starting with SATPIN sounds. Each child found in class / brought in an object for a certain sound - whole class writing of captions for each object - all objects beginning with 'S' grouped together then photographed - and so on. Once all sounds were covered and items photographed, the photos were laminated and made into an abc book - children loved it! Some very unusual / creative items brought in! Can't wait to do it - one child once brought in to a show n tell session a pair of theatre binoculars - unaware that they were technically stolen! 'I paid 50p for em'! was the reply
  15. I use birthday balloons, but linked in with the seasons of the year. I have 4 different colours for each of the four seasons. ie winter=blue, autumn=orange/red, spring=yellow, summer=yellow.
    I cut out an A4 balloon shape for each month on coloured card appropriate to the season and laminate them((ie January =blue). Then I write everyones name on the appropriate month with whiteboard pen.
    I use them year in year out, they clean up really well and it is great for reinforcing months of the year and seasons.
    Hope this is useful.
    Mary [​IMG]
  16. We always take a photo of them on their first day and put them up at a level where the children can see them. I usually take them down after a while and put them in a class book with a photo on each page and the words "I am ...(child's name)". They love reading this and it helps them recognise words I am and the names of their classmates. They read it all the way through the year.
    They do love a birthday board - it's always a winner!
  17. i am also starting my first job in a reception class in september, and i just wanted to say that these are all really great ideas! so thanks a bunch!! :D
  18. spencerjay

    spencerjay New commenter

    Hi Caramel
    I love your idea of a birthday cake. I am also an NQT about to start with a Year1 class. I am really not artistic (how did I get to be a teacher?!) and would welcome any images you have of your birthday cakes - photos of the display or sketches of the cakes (I know it's cheeky). Also I don't quite get how children add a chocolate button once the cake has been laminated and cut out. Do you laminate a whole supply of chocolate buttons and then glue/sellotape them on?
    I know I'm dense but it is late and I'm new to all this (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).
    Thanks in anticipation of you taking the time to respond.
  19. A nice activity at the start of term is draw around a ginger bread template but joining hands depending on the childs family or friends on how many to join and they have to putin the details hair color eyes uniform etc good luck!
  20. I do the same thing, but use candles on the cake instead of cupcakes. The children decorate them with glitter and sequins and they look really nice on the wall.

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