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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by tina.louise, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. How long is a piece of string? some people can do it quickly and some take all day about it (frustrating I know), If you think the TA is taking the mick, try gently giving a time limit, it might work. Some people do struggle doing a large board on their own though.
  2. If it's done well about 2 hours, if it's rushed then as little as 10 mins!
  3. I can back a board half an hour. I have developed a technique that suits me. We use rolls of backing paper in our school and I always drop downwards. I get a metre stick/Tape measure and measure the drop. I then use the roll to see how many lengths I will need. I then cut all of the lengths at once before I start hanging (a painter & decorator gave me this tip for wallpapering!). Then I get the ladders and work across the board. I only leave a couple of inches overhang so don't have too much to trim. I think that I do a good job with backing boards and as I have been in my job for a long time I have improved my hanging skills. I think that preparation and care will make for a better backed board. Rushing will result in creases and uneven backing.
    I often find that it is the removing old displays before backing, clearing old staples that takes time. I have my own staple gun and staples so I am not running around wating time looking for a teacher's staple gun. I also made myself a set of letter templates to make titles for boards. The addition of work for display and the backing of that work can take a varying amount of time depending upon the complexity of the display.
    I assume that you are asking a question because you feel that a particular TA is too slow. Not everyone is good at backing boards. It is a skill that requires patience and a good eye.
  4. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Always, much longer than you would expect! Trust me, I have been in this job a very, very long time and have backed hundreds of boards. I also belong to the 'get it done as quickly and with as few staples as possible' school but it still takes longer than I estimate it will. Often because I am searching for resources, or the key to the cupboard or a functioning staple gun or staples for said gun, or particular colour of paper/border, or - most commonly - someone in SMT collars me and stops me from backing the board for any number of pointless conversations!

  5. I agree with LaureRichis. If there are no interuptions then an hour should be plenty of time for a medium size display board.
    The first board I every backed was a nightmare, No one showed me what to so, and it was a new roll, weighed a ton and it was a really wide board, in a very awkward position. (There was a built in heater and storage directly under the board, which meant you either had to lean over the heater/cupboard or climb onto the shelf that rested on them). The teacher wanted it backing with the paper going across and really struggled with it. But it didn't take an hour! Though it was not my best attempt, the teacher was very kind about it and it was a standing joke fo a while. When I re-backed it at te end of the term, I had help in the form of a work experience student, (from a secondary school) and it was much easier and much neater.
    Just bear in mind that not everyone is very good at things like that and it may be the TAs worse nightmare. Maybe offer her some help to do it during a lunch time or borrow another TA for a short time.
  6. BlackPrincess

    BlackPrincess New commenter

    No interuptions (as far as I know), and no children in class and no other jobs to complete.
    No she backed the board in the end and it took her 15 minutes. Felt almost like she did it on purpose as I don't think she likes backing boards!! I have a feeling it is the TA's worst nighmare - I know but if thats the case she should ask parallel class TA to help. (I most cetainly would ask for help backing a board with those rolls and I am not ashamed to admit I have done!!)

  7. I've been working as the display technician at a secondary school for many years now, and my motto is "what goes up, must come down!" - always staple at an angle (not flat onto the board) so they're easier to get out next time round, and never be tempted to just paper over an old display (you wouldn't do it with the decorating at home!).
    I always paper across the board as generally the height of a board (1.2m) corresponds with the width of most display rolls, and I cut the paper off the roll first, 10cms longer than needed then trim the excess with a craft knife. That way I find it quite easy to paper on my own, rolling out from right to left and moving the ladder as I go.
    Other posts are right - it's the prep and interruptions that take the time - is the classroom really free like it says on the timetable, has someone stacked a load of furniture and books in front of the board, plus you'd be amazed how many people will chat to someone who is up a ladder in a corridor - a real health and safety no no!
  8. With only one interuption [​IMG]
    10 minutes to fully strip board and another 5 to hang new backing paper and border. Probably take another 10 minutes to hang display when the kids have finished their posters etc.
    Obviously this can take a lot longer if there are more interuptions and/or the old display was badly put up in the first place.
  9. I've had both hats too. Now I've had my own class for a number of years I've painted all my boards pale blue. Personally I hate backing paper with a passion ( and don't even get me started on those hideous wavy borders) so now I save time and resources and the children's work is the focus.

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