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Disney Florida - which hotel?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by headforheights, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. headforheights

    headforheights New commenter

    Depends really on your price bracket? Whether you want a cheaper hotel or one of the more expensive?
  2. We stayed at the caribbean beach resort a few years ago and recommended it to friends who also enjoyed their stay last year. It isn't one of the most expensive or one of the cheapest of the Disney resorts - its somewhere in the middl. We liked the setting very much and there were things to do when we felt like having a day or half a day away from all the theme parks. Lots of animals around the site and beaches on the lake and small heated swimming pools depending on which village you are in plus a larger main pool.
  3. gudrun

    gudrun New commenter

    i was lucky enough to win some holiday vouchers and we stayed at riverside/port orleans...it was lovely and you could get to it by disney bus or boat...if i went again..i would stay at the regal sun which is on disney property but not a disney hotel..its so close to downtown disney...my friends with young children stayed at caribbean beach which was perfect for them...have a look at

    its the best website for anyone going to disney..loads of advice and tips xx


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