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discriminatory employment rules against overseas trained teachers coming to an end-finally!!!

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by krissyd, May 24, 2011.

  1. http://www.education.gov.uk/popularquestions/teachers/ott/a0077464/new-plans-allow-schools-to-employ-overseas-teachers-more-easily
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Ok that is just Gove--the bigger butt is the the points system used by BIA which still only guarantees sufficient points for Maths/Science teachers so the work permit is still not going to be universally available to teachers of all subjects/phases. The BIA recent consultation made it clear that this was not going to change in the immediate future and this means priority remains UK and EEC trained teachers.
  3. andrew07

    andrew07 Occasional commenter

    Points system point system

    Bottom line is that unless the job is on the shortage list which Maths and Science teachers are, the job has to go through the resident labour market test, which therefore means that no school is going to hire and American and go through all those hoops when there are UK teacher present. And the UKBA said that all teachers still had to go through the immigration criteria and that is NEVER NEVER NEVER going to change.
  4. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    Is this a case of political posturing or the right hand not speaking to the left?? Either way, it is basically a moot point as this govt have made it abundantly clear they hate immigrants coming to this county almost as much as the BNP do. I guess if you DO manage to make it through the visa gauntlet that exists now, they want you to feel like you've earned it by rewarding you with this small token... PUHLEASE.
  5. Yes, I am also an OTTP..going through hell this year..

    I just read that... What subject are you?
    I am from America... New York City!
  6. Whilst this is good news for many, it looks as though teachers from South Africa (and a few other Commonwealth countries) are being brushed aside for a bit longer, despite the fact that their language is English; often with a far better command of the language than some teachers entering the UK from EU countries.
    When Michael Gove says that he hopes that "other Commonwealth countries like South Africa, Jamaica and Singapore can join in due course", what does this mean for those of us who fall into that category? How much longer will we have to wait? What are the implications for us on personal and financial levels?
    At the moment, I feel de-valued; as if my qualifications and more than 25 years' experience amount to nothing. I have been 'fobbed off' more times than I care to remember by the TDA, OTT Assessment bodies, various MPs and government bodies. Teaching has been my life and that, it would seem, is valueless.
    Are there any other teachers out there in a similar position?
  7. ah.... you are up the creek without a paddle.
    I wonder what initiated this change in the first place? Was it the shocking number of foreign teachers with poor English speaking skills? It wasn't a shortage of teachers .... that is taken care of by hiring more cover supervisors and HLTs ... kind of a mystery to me.
    Was it a move to improve the quality or work ethic of teachers? Why have the unions been silent as even more pressure is put on unemployed teachers? Is it an effort to get more Maths and Science teachers (but no mention of these subjects in the proclamation) ? Dunno.

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