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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by r1j1Sth1n, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. <h1></h1>How does one deal with discrimination from colleagues who cannot help looking down on you - because in a selfish world where everyone thinks I matter more than you - and moreso because I am white and native British and you are not???????????and you are old and disabled?????
    I have a permanent injury which became exacerbated working in hostile conditions.I have now reached a point of no return with this injury and moreover left with either going without food etc or face returning to work in a hostile/selfish workplace, because there are no jobs for 55+
    I was moved from a room recommended by O.H. to a unsuitable and unacceptable room because of perhaps a combination of low respect for me as a person (I'll never know why?), poor understanding of workplace adjustment and I suppose undue pressure from demanding others (having been in there longer) in the establishment.
    My injury became so exacerbated it brought me to my knees and stopped me from being able to go to work until it were subsituted by suitable alternative i.e. a wheelchair to take my weight.
    I have now been off work for 14 months for this recommended workplace adjustment - any liaison with bodies who could help establish 'duty of care' = expected of a public service institution such as a school, have been dismissed as perhaps irrelevant or not required,
    Perturbed from being ignored/neglected/dismissed and sensing a dismissal looming I filed a complaint with the tribunal - which was accepted, The workplace having received a copy has had a rude awakening and kind of woken up to find they cannot get out of this as easily.
    I am supposed to meet up to formally discuss the way forward but I am finding it difficult to face the person who has not only ignored my being but undermined my good work and has allowed others to think little of me. If I do I am doomed and If I don't I am doomed! What do I do?
  2. What is your union saying about this? I think that it would be best to attend the meeting, however difficult it might be - if nothing else, it will potentially provide additional evidence to support your tribunal claim. Do not meet with anyone in the school without one of the full time officials of your union in attendance.
    In terms of the adjustments, I have heard of cases in which workplaces have not put the recommendations in place, and have justified their inaction by claiming that the adjustments are not "reasonable" in terms of cost, the disproportionate disruption to others etc. Could it be that this is what the school is trying to claim? If so, you require legal advice on how to fight this - again, your union will be able to provide this support.
    What an awful position to find yourself in. Do keep posting to let us know how you get on, and don't give up. Hearing about anyone being badly treated because of their age, race, disability, sex or any other perceived "difference" really makes me angry.
  3. Fab advice from pattertwig but if you get no joy there, I'd say it's worth giving ACAS a call, as the advisers are trained in issues like this to do with the equality act. The number can be found on this link:

    Good luck! Hope you can resolve this situation.
  4. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    ACAS are rubbish, although you can still try. You are better off contacting the Human Rights and Equality group. Also check your home insurance. If you have legal cover and they assess you as having more than a 51% chance of winning they will pay legal costs. To cover costs of reasonable adjustments Access to Work can help.
  5. Hi Torey
    I found acas to be very helpful when I asked a question about my own current situation but I defer to your experience. ;-)
  6. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    I'm glad you found them helpful. Even at tribunal stage the solicitor was forever having to chase them up.

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