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Discrimination in education

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Bronco, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. What do others feel about the discrimination that is going on in teaching?
    Age discrimination? Is it discrimination to advertise just for NQTs or to suggest that NQTs are preferred (and I am not trying to indulge in NQT bashing)
    Racial discrimination? Michael Gove sugesting that some OTTs do not have to complete induction while British NQTs still have to do so.
    Sex discrimination? Should there be positive male discrimination when male teachers in primary school are so outnumbered>
    My real beef is about all the discrimination that is in place against one other group - supply teachers. Examples of such discrimination?
    Unqualified teachers are legally restricted to teaching only when there are no qualified teachers availale but they are actually still allowed to teach (and it was only recently that they were required to be registered?) In a survey 169 unqualified teachers used for PPA time and 81 used as class teachers in 420 primary schools.
    Supply teachers have to pay to be registered with the GTC in order to be allowed to teach but support staff can teach without being registered - 535 HLTAs, 454 TAs teaching during PPA time in those 420 schools compared with 398 qualified teachers. I have not even tried to determine the number of qualified supply teachers who cannot get work because the rarely cover initiative has allowed schools to use just anybody to cover for teacher absence.
    What is the opinion of others on this topic and can you give any other examples of discrimination against supply teachers?
  2. I've seen ageism, sexism and not racism ,but regional accentism.
    As a supply teacher you are a nobody, so add nobodyism.
  3. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    None that I have noticed in my experience. Lots of bad practise and unfair treatment of individuals but I have never seen a case of discrimination in teaching.
    This comes down to budgets being cut. Many schools have no option but to hire NQTs because they are cheaper. Most do a great job the same as any other teacher would. There are still many schools who prefer experience.
    This is because many OTTs have been teaching for years. It would be innapropriate for them to be treated the same as NQTs. If they were then they would need additional PPA for example which would be daft if they've got 10 years experience.
    The GTC are no longer charging from March this year as they have been got rid of.
    While I understand that people get ****** off that they don't get much supply (I certainly got irritated when I did a month of supply) your arguments are weak and one sided! Sorry!
  4. Well, this is a somewhat sad but realistic view.
    I have had a lot of long term f/t supply posts, but have fet discriminted against as I received NO inhouse training, responsibility and have never been allowed to go on trips abroad (even with my own teaching groups!) even though I am a German teacher! At my last school, my groups went to Germany and the HOD chose a French teacher (who spoke no German) to go with them and I was not even given a look in and she spoke and taught no German!
    It brought home to me that schools want us to give 110%, but there is nothing but hard graft in it for us! And a weekly wage with no pension or sickness payments!
    In my last school, my co- A level German teacher was allowed to take her boyfriend on a trip to Germany with the A Level German students we shared - and he is not even a teacher(!) and works for the Highways Agency!
    But the school turned a blind eye to that and I had to stay put!
    Yes,this is discrimination. I was good enough to do the reports, parents and open evenings and all the rest..
    But because I was supply, I never got a look-in and instead, had to look upon other colleagues who got the nice training days out, curriculum development and trips with pupils abroad. I was there to do the donkey work. No more no less.
    Yes, it hurt professionally and personally. But the school and HOD did not give a stuff. Seems standard practice. You have to be pretty thick-skinnned to treat someone like that!
    Supply teachers are used. And discarded.
    I hope I do not sound bitter, but I hope one day to find a niche and be accepted as part of the team. In all senses.
  5. My last day of teaching at the school which my daughters go to consisted of the bottom sets in the two year 10 half years, bottom set year 11 and a bottom set year 9. The teacher I replaced was supposed to have the top sets timetabled but other teachers sacrificed their bottom sets so they could take the difficult task of taking the top sets. Yesterday my daughter did not get full marks in a test because she put down the answer Bacteria to the question 'What group does not have a nucleus? Apparently the answer is the Protoctista. Now last time I looked Paramecium it most definitely had a nucleus and the last time I Gram stained bacteria they most definitely did not. Perhaps if she got off her coffee-drinking a**e and learned a bit of Biology she would not be making simple mistake.She is the HOD who was responsible for the bit of timetable rearrangement that made my last day so enjoyable.
  6. The main discrimination against supply teachers is that despite doing the same job as a teacher on contract they are paid a fraction of the pay of a contracted teacher on the same scale point.

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