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Discipline Referrals

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Potatoes005, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Potatoes005

    Potatoes005 Occasional commenter

    Do you still do old fashioned paper referrals now in schools?

    We had a red referral system (back in the good old days) which was carbon copied and passed from the Class Teacher to the PT to the Assistant Head / Then Depute and the various copies were filed in all manner of locations around the school.

    I'm guessing these wonderful threatening red sheets of paper have been replaced with a mouse click or email.
  2. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    Spudboy, not sure we have had the Assistant Head since 2001. That kingdom of your in the "good old days" was a long long time ago.
  3. Potatoes005

    Potatoes005 Occasional commenter

    One of my old lines is that I was a Depute when it meant something to be a Depute and you really were the Depute.

    However, Assistant Head / then Depute meant that it was originally on the form Action by AHT until it became Action by DHT with the evolution of the new management structures.

    Old days were good though
  4. inthered

    inthered Occasional commenter

    Click n Go rules the world now, and referrals can be ignored by all deputes equally until you personally go and drag them physically into whatever situation exists. Even then...
  5. Potatoes005

    Potatoes005 Occasional commenter

    Click n Go was about when I was there and for many things we had moved into an email culture. That was one of my major influencers, among others, to retire.

    I used to get caught by staff passing by with the line "Did you get my email..."

    Nothing was ever wrong with a phone call (in my day - saves anyone else saying it) but society moves on and all that.

    Plus, I was never the best at typing, although I'm a whizz with my iPad now. And emails.

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