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Disastrous Job Applications

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by the hippo, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Oh dear... what have I started?!!
  2. You haven't started anything; it's always like this.
    I'm having a wine for being likened to some Einstein chap. And a fat bloke.
    Or is it einstein?
  3. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Only a wine? I thought you'd been swigging the <strike>maths</strike> meths again.
  4. So back to the word math,,,,,,, does it exist? How can mathematics be appreviated to math? There you go I did it, no caps
  5. Maybe we should start a new thread on Maths vs maths or math?
  6. 'Math' is American, so therefore at worst, incorrect or at best, b@stardized. "Great, my comuter thinks I have just written an email address!!"
    'Maths' is informal English and 'mathematics' is very correct. Einstein and me agree on that. I have to add that I am unmoved on 'Mathematics' being grammatically wrong.
    Right, I'm off to spot some trains and buy myself a new anorak.
    I wonder how many of you are thinking of a sentence that could be shortened to 'YSC!'
    I am!
  7. "Einstein and I agree on that." maybe?[​IMG]
  8. Git, Phoney, Main, ***... give it up!!!

    You bunch of silly c....ts (offensive? My dear late marsupial grandfather fondly called all people c...ts - he was taswegian though!)
  9. I shall wade in with my twopennorth ....
    When writing about mathematics being a sujbect I would not want to teach I would not capitalise the word. However, as a tutor referring to Joe Blogg's behaviour in his Mathematics lesson I would. Ditto with other subjects that are not languages. I warrant that knowledge of geography is important in life but my Geography lessons in school have not stood me in good stead.
    As a subject within school - I would use capital letters. I am prepared to call FP and BFG bad names (in person) and even throw things at them - for a price.
  10. How much?
  11. I would need to purchase a step-ladder (I am short), plenty of beer (to ensure they were too inebriated to retaliate) and possibly pay for bail (should I NOT purchase enough alcohol to ensure they wer einebriated enough)!
  12. what would you throw? Rotten tomatoes?
  13. How about 'my calculus lessons have stood me in good stead?' You wouldn't give that a capital C would you? It is a subject, yes?
    Playing devil's advocate...
    'Jonny's mathematics in Mathematics is cause for concern'. Hmmmm. Not the greatest report comment, but I have seen worse (mostly from mathematics' teachers), but do the 'm' and the 'M' sit together comfortably?
    My 'list of subjects' some posts ago fits the bill I reckon.
    North, south, east and west, and summer, spring and winter etc. aren't proper nouns either.
    What about the planets? Earth isn't.

  14. I thought we were professionals. There seems to be rather a lot of slagging off in this topic. It started off as a serious topic.
    Schools are very selective about who they want. The face must fit. Do your research first.
  15. 'Tomatoes' definitely isn't a proper noun......
  16. Are you lost?
  17. No - just living in the real world.
  18. [​IMG]
    If you think THIS is slagging off, check out Opinion or Personal!

    Calculus is a topic within a subject.
    I wouldn't throw tommytatoes, rotten or otherwise.
  19. Just enjoy your evening with a good book and a cup of tea!
  20. Been there done that ... although it was coffee. Some of us actually know each other in real life so our less professional behaviour in your opinion is simply silliness.

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