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disapointed with timetable...no GCSE?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anon1369, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. I'm starting my NQT year in sept and have had my timetable but to be honest I'm slightly disapointed. I've sorted out all my resources in preparation and have tons and tons of GCSE stuff but after getting my timetable I have realised its all going to be useless!
    I haven't got any GCSE classes but have the joy of teaching at least 3 BTEC lessons every day. I understand that they might not want to trust an NQT with GCSE classes, but I love teaching GCSE and have built up a massive resource collection.
    On the other hand I have minimal experience of BTEC and absolubtly no resources and I am quite apprehensive about teaching it and marking it. Don't get me wrong, I know you can't always have the best classes and BTEC classes tend to be shared out due to the amount of marking required.
    I like the challenge that GCSE provides, and I admit that I find BTEC sooo boring so I am going to have to find ways of making it exciting. However I have been informed that my classes are <u>very</u> low ability and as a result it's going to be difficult to make the work challenging.
    Has anybody else been disapointed with their timetable? I know there is nothing I can do about it and I should be grateful I have a job, which I am! I just felt like a bit of a whinge [​IMG]
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    In many Departments you have to "earn" GCSE and A level however you need to ensure that you are not getting all the lower level and difficult classes on your timetable so it is balanced. There is a requirement that NQT posts do not make unreasonable demands on the NQT and classes do not have disciplinary problems that are unreasonably demanding-statutory guidance 2.24.
    One immediate area of professional; development for you would be support from an experienced BTEC teacher or a BTEC training programme.You should also get support from the SENCO
  3. You have a timetable already?! I'm slightly jealous... My school are still ironing the timetable out for next year [​IMG]

    Admittidly, I do know already that I have KS4 classes - one Y10 and one Y11 group, as well as some team teaching too, so while I'm jealous of your timetable already existing, you do have my sympathies.... Is there any space in your timetable that you could maybe try to get into regularly observe/team teach a GCSE group, just to get started?
  4. OP, as a fellow Science NQT I sympathise with the situation you find yourself in. I'm one of 2 NQTs in my department and the other NQT has been allocated a lot more GCSE than I have which I must admit grated just a little...That said BTEC isn't a walk in the park and you will be able to use lots of the resources that you already have made for GCSE. Just because the studens are doing the BTEC and are said to be low ability doesn't mean you can't challenge them. Some students will bend over backwards for a merit or distinction!

    Have you spoken to your induction tutor about the lack of GCSE? Could it be made into one if your targets for this year? Perhaps you could view your timetable as a way of expanding your BTEC resource base?
  5. Don't get me wrong I understand that in most schools you have to 'earn' GCSE or a-level, but the timetable was arranged well before the interviews took place and as I was the only NQT I don't think they were actually planning on taking on an NQT. Maybe all new (to the school) teachers are treated with caution? Or perhaps they had all had 'dibs' on the best classes!
    I don't really want to rock the boat so will just get on with it, but will certainly bring it up when it comes to the next years timetable to make sure I get some experience! I will try and get in some GCSE classes at least so I can experience that way, albeit not teaching.
    My BTEC classes are rather undesirable I have been told. They are not just low ability but bone idle and getting any work out of them has been like getting blood out of a stone apparently. I suppose I should look at the positives and try and get these classes really engaged and hopefully prove myself that way!
    Thanks for all the replies!
  6. gsp06sk

    gsp06sk New commenter

    Just be gratefull you're fortunate enough to have a job for Sept!
  7. I was saying just the other day how worried I am about the future of chemistry teaching in England..... So you've made some resources. Well done you, but what would you have said if you'd been teaching GCSE but a totally different exam board that would have rendered your resources useless?

    FYI, do your homework on BTec. The course tends to be very very similar to GCSE in content. If it's anything like ours, then it's hard work. Our pupils do AS level Biology content (for example). The marking isn't bad at all - you just have to stay on top of it and mark the work as the pupils produce it. You do still have to teach the pupils and then set them deadlines for coursework. I do think you need to check your attitude w.r.t. the way you talk about your pupils. That sort of attitude translates into the classroom and I don't think it'll do you any favours if your pupils think you don't think much of them.

    I must say I am a bit shocked by your posts.
  8. I fully intend to do lots of research into BTEC and am gathering info and resources as I type. I wouldn't walk into teaching BTEC blind, I'm going to get to grips with it as much as possible before september. I am also trying to organise some sort of system so I am organised from the get-go but obviously there is only so much I can do with the minimal information I have been provided with.
    I have no idea what the pupils are like, but the above comments were made by their previous teachers. I am going to walk into class with an impartial attitude and form my own opinions on their behaviour/work ethic. But it is sometimes useful to have an idea of what they are like so I can take it into consideration when making resources, planning and thinking about behaviour and reward strategies.
    However, I am realistic and understand that there are some pupils have no desire whatsoever to achieve at school and are just counting down the days until they leave. I will do the best I can for them, but I can only do so much, the rest is up to them!

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