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Disabled students & sewing machines

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by vicky26, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    Can anyone give me some advice.

    I have 3 students in wheelchairs in my classes this year & they obviously can't use the sewing machines with out use of their lower limbs.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative. Our SEN co ordinator suggested an old singer hand wheel one, although Im not sure how safe something from the 50s would be in the classroom?

    Help! [​IMG]

    Im new to all of this
  2. There is a Toyota machine that you can use without the foot peddle. You can adjust the speed and it is very easy to use. Not sure of the model number but it was recommended by our machine suppler.

  3. You want this machine if you can still get it. It's put out by Brother. Foot free. Start, speed and stitch control are all operated by hand. It's got a great range of embroidery stitches. Compact, light weight. I should go into selling these things. We've got three of them at school and I'd swear by them. I thought only Year 7 would like them when they couldn't get on the Bernina's but every year group likes them because of the range of embroidery stithces they do.


  4. This thread is just what I need! I have a young chap who is having difficulty due to poor hand-eye coordination and general mobility issues. Does anyone know of any special needs equipment for textiles tech. such as scissors, embroidery frames that may be clipped to tables and so on - I just don't know where to look at the moment.

  5. hi we have a janome that can be used without a foot pedal,
  6. Hello all thanks for the advice, but im still stuck.

    We have a Janome memory craft, which like the one above has all of the embroidery designs etc.

    But im in need of just a dad to day sewing machine. We are making 'bags for life' so the actual sewing of the bag, is what my students need to access.

    My HOD & I can only think of one of those hand held stich machines, but they aren't that good?!

    Any other advice?

  7. If you are after a basic sewing machine then I woulf recommend the Toyota EZ901. It can be used with or without the foot peddle, it is easy to thread, adjustable speed control and is very easy to use. I brought one for a student with mobility problems and am currently using it with a Downs syndrome student.

    It is one of the easiest machines to thread, no bobin case and is quite versitile. If you look on the Toyota website you can get one for £150 pounds. I plan to use the EZ901 to replace our machines in the future. The machine automatically stops woth the needle up, you don't need to bring the bobbin thread to the surface of the bed of the machine and there is no danger of thread being wrapped around inside the machine. It also comes with an automatic needle threader.

    Hope this helps.

  8. This looks perfect thanks!

    I think i'll be getting my HOD to look at one of these [​IMG]
  9. I had a student in a wheelchair who also had weak upper limbs. We put the pedal on the table, used his more agile arm to steer and his other arm to apply pressure to the pedal - if your machines are as old as ours, some pedals will be more "soft touch" than others due to wear.
    This worked well with that student.
    The point at which I draw the line is that I believe it unsafe to let the often willing TA control the pedal - I feel the student needs the holistic co-ordination to be safe

  10. Hi
    My name is Phillip and I have invented the wireless sewing machine for special needs children/adults in textiles.
    I have sold my new technology across the county to schools and colleges.
    My website is www.shadsew.co.uk
    You may contact me on tel:01707 665 992 Mobile 07860 764636


    Phillip Shad
  11. my name is phillip shad from shad sewing machines and are the inventors and suppliers of wireless sewing machines for special needs pupils/adults for the arts/crafts/cardmaking.
    GOOGLE; wireless sewing machines

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