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Disabled History Month

Discussion in 'History' started by Terryteacher, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Disability History Month will involve cross-curricular activities. It is not just a history project. A subject called "Beliefs and Values" is taught in a lot of schools and there is probably scope for work in English and Drama.

    There are resources available at

    Nobody in their right mind has called me a Labour supporter :) I think it is accurate to say that there is more than one "version" of some historical events though.

  2. And I am practically as old a git as you are so mind your manners! [​IMG]
  3. And thern there was that Roosevelt fella. Dumped on so badly by the Yanks that they made him President and told him to win a war against a hugely popular vegetarian, non-smoking teetotal war hero.[​IMG]

    You're right. We do need a disabled history month to highlight just how badly these people have been discriminated against.
  4. Richard Riesser puts it like this:
    "UK Disability History Month is about celebrating the lives of disabled
    people, challenging disablism and promoting equality. It will run from 22
    November until 22 December and feature a series of events and exhibitions throughout the UK.
    We’ll be celebrating the lives of disabled people including Stephen
    Hawking, Jane Campbell and Alan Holdsworth."
    "But we’ll also be highlighting the fact that many other disabled people have been prevented
    from leading fulfilling lives because of discrimination underpinned by negative
    and disablist attitudes.
  5. There has been a lot of interest from primary schools and in particular schools which are integrating children with disabilities.

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