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Disability discrimination

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by r1j1Sth1n, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I wonder if someone cares to comment on the best course of action in my predicament. I have a permanent injury which got exacerbated whilst working in extreme conditions - and from being ousted from a room recommended by Occupational Health to somewhere unsuitable and unacceptable and considered as workplace adjustment by management.
    The injury became so serious that it stopped my being able to walk and work leaving me to go off work until a wheelchair was provided. I have now been waiting 14 months for appropriate workplace adjustments - except for undermining my attempts to become independent, the management have done nothing constructive, rather refused to liaise with government bodies that were prepared to help.
    I began to feel a sense of dismissal announcement so I took steps to contact the tribunal. The claim was accepted and the management having received a copy of it have now begun to change their tune. For the first time I guess I have become visible.
    I see some motion towards calling a meeting to perhaps looking at the wheelchair issue. I am not sure I want to talk to someone who does not see me as a colleague or recognise me as a person or has little sense of justice or morality - who has thus far rejected my sincere efforts to put the school at the forefronts. I feel raw about being undermined and from failing me in my hour need and bringing me down in the eyes of others who I am going to have to work with.
    I have never played the race card but it appears perhaps because I am brown and not the servant girl and instead presenting with the same problems as the caucasian counterpart.
    I am very pragmatic and I have moral intelligence and I am determined not to jump the boat even after such shabby treatment and I need to get back to avail of future opportunities after having missed opportunities for good jobs and promotion - have collected a sickness record.
    What do I do?
  2. snowstorm

    snowstorm New commenter

    Sorry to hear about your predicament. If the tribunal has accepted your claim, did you go through an internal grievance process?
    Are you being supported by your union at any meetings?
    Contact the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. They are very helpful. Send them your ET1 and any background information you may have.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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