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Director can't accept resignation

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by pedigree, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. The "Director" seems to be leeching off you and obviously wants his/her secure salary?
    TIP! Restructure yourself and offer your services as an independent practitioner to the clients/carers which is far more important than keeping a PARASITIC, LEECH of a director in post?
    You could offer your services FREELANCE!. Manage your own time!
    After all it's the <u>educational services</u> you are offering. The residential social workers are offering the clients the rest?!

  2. The director is a rich business woman who thought this would be a money making scheme. Correct!
    Others have suggested I go freelance too, however director does not pay bills on time, would still be stressful!
  3. Leave ASAP. Life's too short!
  4. Thank you, I keep telling myself that too!
  5. You don't get it!
    This greedy business woman is self-employed. You too need to be SELF-EMPLOYED and undercut her by charging your rates, your terms etc [​IMG] I am sure that all the next of kin of all the clients would fit in with YOUR ARRANGEMENTS!
  6. I am Head of a Small Independent School too, a little EBD and a lot SEN. We have 20 pupils so we are huge in comparison. I earn a little over the national average wage, but it is my first headship and I love the place, so I get the payoff. I too am expected to do the admin the OFSTED SEF blah blah blah. I have 10 teaching staff and the same support + a caretaker and a cook. I do not feel the same as you and there would seem to me to be 2 reasons why. Firstly I am very much appreciated and supported by my board of trustees and the staff. Secondly we are a charity and no-one is making money out the place except to plow back into the facilities etc.Recently I was awarded a substantial payrise in recognition of what I do, without asking.

    You too should have expectations of being valued like that if you are doing your job and it ceratinly sounds as though you are performing well. Don't stay anywhere where you are not appreciated or where the primary motivating factor in the setup is not what benefits the young people in your care. Your director needs to put up or shut up, pay you what you are worth and get you some support or she can't expect you to stay. There are legal standards you have to adhere to and little room to cut corners in education. She needs to stop dreaming of the big bucks and start listening to you before you quit...if its not too late.
  7. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    'Can't accept' your resignation? That's enforced employment, which is not entirely legal, I'd have said.

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