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Directed time?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by yapyap, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Am in puzzlement. The new school ~I work for seems to want us to do 126 hours of additional directed time. This can't be right surely? ~How much directed time is there usually per week does anyone know?
  2. Am in puzzlement. The new school ~I work for seems to want us to do 126 hours of additional directed time. This can't be right surely? ~How much directed time is there usually per week does anyone know?
  3. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    It's not per week, it's over the whole year.
    I'm guessing that your normal weekly schedule gives a total of 126 hours under the limit, which they are hoping to get you to do at other times!
  4. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    It depends entirely on what your timetable is like
  5. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    'They (teachers) are required to be available for 1265 hours each year to be allocated reasonably across those (195) days'

    So if your timetable/meeting/etc leave a short fall of 126 hours, then yes they can add o the directed time.

    Speak to your union rep.
  6. check my maths for me?
    total directed time allocated = 1265 hrs?

    school days = 6x190= 1140
    dir time per week over the year = 4.25 x 39 =165.75

    1140 + 165.75 = 1305.75
    1305.75 - 1265 = 40.75

    I know these aren't the same no's as I started with, but I had counted lunch (whoops!)
    And this is without parents evenings etc. Am I just calculating wrong?
  7. Even if I add in the spare forty minutes I technically get over 10% ppa, that still comes out at 16 hrs over? This isn't right surely?
  8. sorry guys - am getting a bit weirded out by this - would someone mind checking my maths?
    I'd be grateful for ever!!!
  9. I don't understand what you are adding up. Sorry.
  10. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    How many hours of teaching do you have per week and how many hours of PPA do you have?
  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    At what time have you been directed to be in school? It's often something like 10 minutes before the pupil start time and 10 minutes after it , with a longer day sometimes if you have pre-school staff briefings.
    You then deduct your unpaid lunch break and add on any departmental/whole school meetings. Then add on parents' evenings and the hours you are required to be in on the 5 INSET days.
    You can also add in Trapped Time. For instance, if school finishes at 3.15pm and parents' evening starts at 4 pm, making it impossible or pointless to go home in between.you can add in that 45 mins. If there is a longer gap -say, 2 hours - you can stay in school and claim subsistence for a meal (some schools lay ona buffet rather than deal with multiple receipts and claim forms) or go home nad claim for the second return journey to schoool.
    Don't do any deductions for a more generous PPA slot or free periods. They are still part of the school day and you can be directed at any time to do something in the free period/s or the surplus PPA (though unlikely once it is timetabled as such).
    Any unused Directed Time can be allocated after the standard school day but you must have reasonable notice of that. It can't be allocated to a weekend or to any day outside the scheduled 195 school days (maximum190 of which are pupil days).

  12. 22 teaching + 3ppa. so with reg and detentions, that's 6hrs a day.

    6hrs a day x190 days a year gives 1140

    Plus the time they are adding at 4 and a quarter hours a week is 4.25 x 39 (weeks in sch year)= 165.75

    Adding those together 1140 + 165.75 = 1305.75 (total time am working so far in year)

    1305.75 (time worked) - 1265(time allowed) = 40.75

    If I cut as far as poss down to the rules, 10% of my 22 lessons leaves me with 0.8 of an extra free per week, which working it out (maths above was wrong) brings me out at 40.75 (extra hrs) - 31.2 (total excess PPA) = 9.55

    So thankfully not nearly as bad as I thought.

    Unless the five non teaching days count as directed time?

    And even so - this is without any parents eve type stuff....
  13. So sorry - chrome!
  14. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    In an average day, I am directed for:
    5 hours of teaching
    10 minutes before and after school
    25 minutes tutor time
    15 minutes break time.
    This amounts to 6.0 hours per day if my maths is correct.

    190 days x 6 hours = 1140
    In addition, 5 training days x 6 hours = 30
    This comes to 1170 hours. From this, parents' evenings (5 per year), open evening (1), options evening (1), all meetings and CPD sessions etc.
    Parents evenings: generally 3 hours each x 5 evenings = 15 hours
    Opening evening: generally 2 hours
    Options evening: 2 hours.
    We have a department meeting and a house team meeting approximately once per fortnight each (basically one meeting of some sort every week) and these generally last for about 1.5 hours. Therefore, 1.5 hours x 35 (occasional weeks meetings are not held) = 58.5

    By my calculations, this all totals 77.5 hours. So, 1140 +30 + 77.5 = 1247.5
    This allows a BIT of wiggle room although not much. My head of department used to timetable what each member of staff did with those additional hours for SLT's benefit. For example, I was the student teacher mentor, so the additional hours were down as being used for that, and for my unpaid role as a leader for Citizenship.
    I don't know what your sums are all about, but if you work in secondary, I can't imagine that your numbers are so far off from mine. If your teaching time plus all meetings, CPD, twilights and training days have been included, I can't imagine where the extra 100+ hours are coming from.
  15. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    The 5 non-teaching days must count as directed time surely? No-one lets me go and get my hair done on an INSET day (I wish!)
    So that's 6 x 195 = 1170. One meeting a week would given another 39. Allow 10 hours for Parent's Evenings (5 year groups at 2 hours each) then 10 hours for things like Open Evening, 6th Form Evening etc.
    That takes you up to 1229. Already over the 1265.
    I would say that the 0.8 of an extra free a week counts as directed time. They can tell you what to do in that time but not ask you to spend additional time. At least that would be my understanding given that the time is trapped in your timetable.
    There is an example directed time budget here:
    This appears to ignore any trapped time that isn't timetabled or covered as PPA.
    I still don't see that they can justify an additional 4.25 hours a week. I would suggest talking to your Union Rep.
  16. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

  17. We are to have a meeting one day. And then three additional hours after school per week for 'enrichment' activities as well as a fifteen minute directive for admin. So, yes Eva, like you 1140 hours school day, but when I add these four and a half hours to to the 1140, I can't make it work. even if I don't include the extra 5 days, or any 'trapped time'!
  18. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Oops! Already close.
    Good job I'm not a Maths teacher. Oh no!
  19. hehe - thanks though. If I add the 5 extra days - that's another thirty, and if the trapped time can't be counted that's another 31.2 hours. So that's about seventy additional hours a year without parents evening right?
  20. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    INSET in many schools is 5 hours per day.
    I'm still puzzled by your timings, OP, as you haven't mentioned the actual times you have to be on the premises. It confuses things to mention your PPA as PPA is part of a standard school day and it's far simpler to make calculations based on 190 pupil days and 5 INSET days +after school meetings, parents' evenings etc.
    How long is your lunch break? How many staff briefings are there before school? Do you have to do a DT duty every day? If DTs are at your discretion and not whole school or departmental ones, it may be that they are not part of Directed Time as you are not being told by the Head to run a DT each day or 3 or 4 days per week.

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