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Directed Time

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by cherryontop, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, Just wondering when working out directed time during the school day do you just count the hours teaching, i.e. 3 hours if teaching 9am-12. Or do you count the 15 minutes you are required to be in before the session starts?
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You count the time you are required to be in before the pupils arrive in form time/1st lesson, which might be a duty slot for some teachers or staff briefing time and also the 10 minutes or so after the last session when you are required to be on the premises, possibly on bus duty or monitoring the corridors for an orderly exit.
    You then count all the timetabled day, whether or not you have a lesson.
    Directed time extras are departmental and whole school meetings, parents' evenings, open days etc.
    You do not include your unpaid lunch break but other breaks are part of Directed Time, even if you are not on duty, as you can be called on to do something if needed.
  3. Best practice dictates that your school produce a directed time menu.
    This should detail what the teaching day comprises of and other times outside of that when you can be directed, remember that this does not, unfortunatly, mean that you do not have to work outside of these hours. Oh that it were so.............
    For example:
    8.30 to 12 - 13.00-15.30 = 6 hours x 190 days = 1140 hours
    5 inset days x 5 hours = 25 hours
    Staff meetings 1 hour x 36 + 36 hours
    Parent meetings 6 hours x 2 = 12 hours
    Data meetings 1 hour x 3 = 3 hours
    Performance management 1 hour x 3 = 3 hours
    Performances/ after school activities/ trips 12 hours
    Contingency = 34 hours
    Very simplistic, but basically this is the sort of thing you should be looking for. It should be issued with the school diary/timetables so that you have time to plan your home life and make the required arrangements, child care, traveling etc....
    The contingency hours, if used and if your school does such a thing, can be called in when required, but staff should be given fair, and written, notice of when and what these are going to be used for

    Note PPA/free periods are included in the directed time menu, non-teaching time may or may not be included depending on specific teacher's roles and contracts. This is where the whole thing can become confusing!
  4. Hi, Thanks for the replies.
    I have been given my directed time, and for each school day ot only includes my actual teaching time, i.e. starting at 8.55 and finishing at 3.30. However, I thought that as we are required to be on the premises at 8.30 that should be when the directed time begins? I know it's only 25 minutes, but over the year that could really add up!
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you're told to be at 8.30, that makes it the start of the day's Directed Time.
    Work out 8.30 to 3.30 and deduct your unpaid lunch. Then multiply by 190 pupil days.
    Deduct your answer from 1265 maximum DT hours (assuming you are f/t) and the remainder can be allocated to after school meetings, INSET days and parents' evenings.
    The school should give staff sight of the type of schedule shown in a recent post. IOf they don't, keep your own tally.
  6. I thought so! Now I just need to pluck up the courage to question it!
    Thanks again, Cherry x
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Get your Union to put the Head right on this matter.
  8. Or just raise it with your head in way of a general question, this might result in a nicer, non-confrontational solution, insted of attempting to dictate via the local rep. If this fails, you should use to your union.

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