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Directed Time and Performance Management

Discussion in 'Primary' started by becktonboy, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    There are 2 issues here.
    Are these 13.5 hours included in the school's directed time? no teacher can be directed to work at the weekend by the way.
    Should a teacher fail to follow a reasonable instruction as part of directed time the headteacher could formally discipline the teacher but there is nothing in the PM regulations about such an action impacting on PM. I would contact ther local union office(s) and obtain advice from local officers.
    Head sounds like a bit of a control freak.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Depends on your targets for PM surely? If your targets are met then you have met your targets, end of story. If one of your targets is to attend events as part of directed time then obviously you fail if you don't do it.
  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    would have to be one of the most ludicrous/risible PM targets ever conceived of tho'.....
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Totally and utterly!
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    in which case you can be reasonable directed to attend theafter school ones - wonder how that fits in with parents' evenings? are you sure about the Directed Time calcualtion? The 1265 (sorry 1258.5 hours) for this year would normally be well covered by 189 teaching days, 5 INSET days, 1 1 hour meeting a week and a few parent's evenings. With a head like this I would bet there are other little add-ons which can be counted in, like having to be in class at certain time before school starts etc.
    You can also make a point of counting in any trapped time in after school events.
    You and your colleagues should make it clear that attendance at the Summer Fayre is voluntary and evidence of 'above and beyond' the call of contract.
    None of this is approriate for inclusion in PM statements, it might send the right signal to ask for a copy of the school's PM policy (there HAS to be one) and arrange an after school meeting with officers from all relevant unions to discuss this.
  6. TheHappyArnold

    TheHappyArnold New commenter

    I think a conversation with the unions may well be on the cards. Thanks.
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    spit in his tea.
  8. We were directed to attend the school fair.
  9. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    only spit LL? you're mellowing a bit......

  10. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    as long as it is after school and not at the weekend, fair enough. If not, then you can not be directed to attend.

  11. You can only be asked to work so many days a year, so could be asked to work the Saturday BUT you would have to be given another day off instead. Mmmm would you rather a full day in the classroom or a couple of hours running a stall?
    That is a technicality though. It is worth pointing out to your head that you do not have to attend the summer fair and attending is voluntary and not linked to performance management. Do ask for the policy but then also think about the general atmosphere in the school. If everyone else joins in without a problem, do you want to be the odd one out. Is your head fair on other things, like when you need to go for a dental appoinment? Is he fair on the amount of meetings he asks you to attend? etc If he is, and it really isn't a day where you have to be elsewhere then go to the summer fayre but make sure he knows it is goodwill attendance.
    Do ask for the years time management plan - how your 1265 hours are going to be used. He has to give it to you and it is not an easy job to work one out with everything a head would <u>like </u>you to do. If you are near retirement like I was I could challenge the hours and as I was fighting for part time pay I did work strictly the hours but if I was very much younger with many more years to go I would have been more cautious and tried to negotiate a middle way. Do hold him to account for the directed time and make sure meetings don't over run.
  12. TheHappyArnold

    TheHappyArnold New commenter

    Meetings - last year, as well as the weekly staff meeting which often ran over, I was required to attend SLT meetings on a separate night even though I'm not a member os SLT. This was because I had a TLR apparently. I was also told that I would have to do an after school sports club or I would be forced to as part of my directed time.

    Its not a happy place at the moment. The head started last year and already two teachers, including the deputy, have left and our most experienced TA. Three teachers have been off with stress and there are no signs of things improving.

    The school the head came from has now been put in special measures and it's clear from the ofsted report where the blame lies!
  13. Protect yourself and talk to a union person about this. Be ultra prepared in the classroom so the HT can't get at you and go home directly after the bell every night as this reduces stress. Arrive early to do what you need to in the morning. Finish every lesson early so you can clear away perfectly for the end of every day. Get the GB minutes and HT report and read policies including the grievance policy.
    Be wary and canny and do get that directed time budget asap. Keep a record of what he has asked you to do and watch out for other folk who take your time as well.
    Good luck
  14. Oh he can't extend your time with the children by asking you to take a club. He is asking you to teach beyond the school day!
  15. I have a great way of getting out of the Christmas Fayre - I look really really sad and then say,'I'm so disappointed, I reeeeeally wanted to come but it's my daughter's / Aunt XXXX's / any random tramp's birthday party. It's been organised for ages and can't be changed...'
    Works a treat... every time!!!!
  16. Kelloggs

    Kelloggs New commenter

    We have clubs as directed time - is this not allowed then?
  17. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    As long as it is within the directed time limits, yes. Much better than wasting your time in staff meetings having PPT slides read to you. Point being there is almost certainly not enough time in the 1265/1258.5 hours for both.
  18. Kellogs- read this from Bury LA- clubs are voluntary so check what the case is for your LA. If you are in a private school it may be different.
    For schools and centrally employed teachers the unions have agreed the following with the Local Authority:
    Included in Directed Time
    PPA time
    Additional Non contact time
    Leadership & Management Time
    Break time
    10 minutes before the start of morning session, 10 minutes at end of afternoon session, 5 mins at end of morning and start of afternoon sessions &ndash; for orderly dismissal & reception of pupils.
    All staff & departmental or Key Stage meetings etc &ndash; includes staff briefings before morning school if longer than the 10 minutes referred to above
    Parents Evenings, including trapped time between end of school day & PE
    PAD days
    Travel between sites in a split site school
    Peripatetic travel
    Not included in Directed Time
    Lunch times &ndash; no teacher can be directed to attend any lunch time activity
    Any work on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays &ndash; no teacher can be directed to attend on those days
    After school clubs &ndash; these are voluntary
    Travel to & from school (except where additional journey required e.g. part time teacher)
  19. And yet again reading a post on here I quietly thank my headteacher/colleagues who all seem so reasonable about working hours, time off for sickness etc. That's why I've been at the same school since I qualified.
    Not much help to OP though - my sympathies.
    And guess what - teachers at our school are asked to set up clubs, attend discos and fairs in their own time and, of course, do so if they can which is usually the case. Most teachers run one or two clubs - even me (I'm part time). I come in on my days off if something is urgent, I attend meetings on my days off if really nec. Head and I negotiate extra pay if required (I don't always ask, he doesn't always offer - it's a balance).
    Seems to work very well for everyone. It's called mutual respect.
  20. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    Actually, I think you'll find it's called 'taking the piss'.

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