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Diplomas, certificates, awards, NVQ, home learning distance learning, OU...............Very confused about courses - PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by wanttobeTA, May 14, 2012.

  1. I did both Level 2, 3 and my first year of Foundation Degree as a volunteer. It depends on the college that offers the course whether you need to be in employment or not and if the school /environment you which to do the placement will accept you as a volunteer.
    There have been numerous adults that have done the course as volunteers at the school I did mine. It just depends whether the college will accept you as a volunteer and if the school where you do placement will have you as a volunteer.
    My level 2 and 3 were done through a local adult education centre and the awarding body was City and Guilds.
  2. Hi wanttobeTA,[​IMG]

    I am currently completing the Level 2 Children's and Young People's Workforce course. I have managed to get free funding through a company called Global Skills ~ as long as you volunteer within a school they will consider you (depending on where you live). The link to them is: www.global-skills.com or telephone 0208 896 2889 they are based in Acton (it's worth a phone call). Good luck. p.s. they do the Level 3 etc.

  3. Thanks everyone for the continued information - it is really helpful :)
  4. Thanks for this - I will give them a call as their website is not working. So do they offer national qualifications? QCF Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools - Certificate? Who is the awarding body?
    Thanks again x
  5. Hi wanttobe TA,
    I hope that you are getting one well, I have been checking the posts and it seems that things are working out better and you have more of an idea.
    I went straight on to study at a Level 3 because of my degree they knew that it would not be too difficult to handle so you could try that approach as well. I didnt find I missed much from not studying the level 2.
    I still have all of my work and folders + course booklet so if you need any help/support then let me know.
  6. Hi mcramd - yes things are a little clearer now - I am going to go to the open evening at the local college on the 14th June. They do the QCF Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Certificate Level 2 (and 3) with City and Guilds (Qualification Accreditation number 501/1136/X)- I have spoken to the tutor on the phone and she said I would need to have an interview after enrolling on the course. So I thought that if I go to the open evening I would be able to talk through the course info and levels with her and then enroll on the night and then arrange an interview date.
    I am also waiting to hear back from the Head of the school as there may be a position starting in Sept, which could make things a little easier to go straight onto level 3 - so fingers, toes, legs crossed!!
    I am also going to be speaking to another college on Friday on the phone to compare courses as I think they do the NVQ City and Guilds Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Certificate level 2 (I thought they weren't avaliable anymore and that is was now all QCF?!) - so I will ask them about this.
    And it would be great to have some help once I do get on a course - so thanks for the offer :)
  7. zez

    zez New commenter

    I'm currently doing a distance learning NCFE supporting teaching and learning in schools level 3 course as evening classes or college in the afternoon wasn't an option for me due to child care.

    Both NCFE and the TDA (as they were then) reassured me that the distance learning courses are bona fide and mine leads to a QCF acredited course with a 501/ number on the QCF just like if i were doing a normal college course. The schools I phoned locally were happy to accept it as NVQ equiv. Don't know if that helps you at all and give you other options
  8. They have been accredited with NCFE’s Investing in Quality (IIQ) Licence which is designed to give formal recognition to an organisation’s bespoke programmes that fall outside the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). "
    She went onto to say "The training providers who use the IIQ Licence for this purpose include; Beacon Award winning colleges, local authorities, charities and the emergency services; who are all able to recognise the valuable bespoke training undertaken by their people." I asked her about ACTUAL QUALIFICATIONS and WHERE I can do it if the distance learning providers weren't registered and she said "NCFE does offer a wide range of qualifications which are nationally recognised by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) <a href="http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/" title="blocked::http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/
    blocked::http://www.qca.org.uk/">http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/[/URL] but the aforementioned course is not one of them."
    That is when she asked me for my postcode and she then searched for NCFE courses that are on the QCF - the nearest place was too far away, so I then repeated the process with the other 5 awarding bodies and found City and Guilds nearest to me.
    So as far as I can understand it (and it has been far more difficult to understand than I would have ever imagined!) the distance learning providers do offer ACREDITED COURSES just not QUALIFICATIONS - correct me if I am wrong anyone.

  9. zez

    zez New commenter

    Oh no idea! I give up! I'm happy that the schools locally are happy to accept it as nvq equiv so that'll have to do for me. I certainly was never told this by NCFE or the TDA, which is jolly annoying if its true! Too late for me now, but good luck with whatever you do. xx
  10. Hi Zez - I did write an update this morning stating what NCFE have now said, but it hasn't appeared I am assuming that it is still waiting to be cleared?!
    Anyway good news...... cut a long story short they did an 'about turn' and now say it is a QCF, a real qualficiation and has a 501/ number so you were right :) Zez can you pm me so that I can find out a bit more on the course you did?
    Thanks for your input it has been a real help - I am exhausted!!
  11. zez

    zez New commenter

    Have pmed you, hope it worked. In short i can't recommend my course enough. The tutor is a saint and very available to talk to!
  12. Hi Zez yes got your pm and sent you one back - WHO did you do the course with?
  13. zez

    zez New commenter

  14. Hi. I'm interested in studying level 3 course. Is it the same as ones by colleges? What about observations etc. any info you could provide would be great. Thanks x
  15. Hello all - just wanted to update this thread - I got a job! I am starting as a TA in Sept at the school I volunteer at! I never did sign up for a course as I was waiting on hearing if I would get a job. The School is happy to support me in the level 2 qualification so I will also get to train :) Thanks again for everyone's advice - good luck everyone else.
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  17. Hi, Good to hear it as I hav ebeen reading the thread for the last hour or so trying to get help for the same question you asked.

    Quick question, are they (the School) paying you to do your Level 2? From what I have been told you can only do a Level 2 as a volunteer (min 10 hrs pw with no maximum) but not as a paid member of staff. Meaning, the quicker I can do the required number of hours the quicker I can apply for paid work with the intention of finding a placement that will pay me alongside me doing the Level 3 that is.

    Nobody has said anything about it having to take x number of weeks.

  18. I did E101 at OU. Supporting teaching & learning in primary school last year as part of foundation degree. I was told that this is an automatic Level 4 course as it's done at a Uni.
  19. MazMitch

    MazMitch New commenter

    Hello. Thanks for this thread. I have just waded through it as I am in exactly the same position as WantToBeTA was at the start of the discussion and I thought I was finally going to come up with the name of an accredited online training provider I could sign up with today. Having read this, I feel no nearer the starting line. I am a single mum of 5 and 2 year olds and have been volunteering at local primary schools regularly for the past 3 years to gain experience for training as a primary teacher when my youngest starts Reception in 2015. In January 2014 my youngest will be at preschool every morning so I would like to find part time paid work as a TA if possible (if I can't secure a post I will increase my voluntary hours instead, but income would be helpful!). I occasionally search local TA job vacancies out of interest and realise that a TA qualification is not compulsory for securing a position but I figure it could only help with my job search next year and I have time in the evenings to work towards the Level 3 teaching qualification between now and then. As I am a single mum, it would be so much easier to do this via distance/online learning. Like others on this thread, that is where I hit a wall. I must have spent 8 hours this week googling online courses. Besides the OU, whose course starting this month is now closed (another starts Jan 14 I think but this doesn't help my timescale much) I have not seen any course that feels like a genuine accredited qualification. My local college doesn't run a course. Can anyone here help before I go into the school where I volunteer and ask for advice on training? Thank you!
  20. Hello MazMitch

    I have completed Cache Level 2 certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning and about to embark on the Level 3 (hopefully diploma) course. I am doing it through my local college but do not have to attend, it is all home study with my assessor visiting me in school for observations, personal discussions etc. You could always see if your local college does a similar thing. I have 3 colleges local to where I live, only 1 of them does the home study - I'm a Mum of 4 and married to a shift worker so would have really struggled to get to a college on a weekly basis.

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