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Dinosaur PSRN

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by choralsongster, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    Hi, I'm also planning to do dinosaurs next half term. I'm going to be asking the children to create a class powerpoint about dinosaurs which we can present in assembly one day. Each child will research a dinosaur, and then create a page (image and 1-3 sentences/captions, plus a fact box if I'm lucky!) As part of this research, we are going to measure out how tall and long the dinosaurs were, using the metre stick, and chalking on the playground. I can then include a lot of comparison language. We can sort the dinosaurs by size, as well as by diet (carnivore/herbivore), and talk about the camoflage and skin patterns.
    Hope this is helpful xx
  2. Watmore

    Watmore New commenter

    We measured out how big a dinosaur would be and designed one in groups on the playground in chalk. We used 2 helium balloons to show the height of some dinosaurs (attach ribbons at m intervals). We dug bones (dog biscuits) out of the earth. We made dinosaur habitats. Role play was a dino den, then a lookout for a paeleantologist. We had Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs to challenge us to build the dinosaurs in the bucket a new home using shoe boxes and junk modellling materials. (mod rock and shells for undersea was particularly effective). We sorted dinosaurs by features and designed our own dinosaurs.
  3. Not a PSRN idea, but would you like a Dinosaur Board Game that can be used to practise reading, spelling words or sentences, number bonds etc

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