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dinosaur eggs discovered!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrs. j, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. We are going to discover a giant, balloon sized egg in a nest indoors after the break. I've seen the 'everyone writes' project and picked up some brilliant ideas from Shetland Kat. Has anyone had experience of something like this? We are hoping to use this as an overall impact for the 5 weeks of next term and want to make it as cross curricular as possible for our Year 1s.
    suggestions always welcomed.
  2. mermaid

    mermaid New commenter

    With my class I set up a lesson as a 'normal' literacy lesson.
    Half way through I had the deputy head deliver me a note. I read it myself and then told the children what it said. It was from London Zoo. Apparently they had been using genetic cloning techniques to bring some species of dinosaurs back to life for a new display opening in the summer.
    There were very worried and writing to all public istitutions in the area to let them know that one of the female pterodactyls had escaped. They were asking all people to be vigilant and report any sightings.
    My kids bought this hook, line and sinker.... [​IMG]
    A short while later I took them out for some 'extra play' and reminded them to look out for the pterodactly. I had earlier planted a nest full of dinosaur eggs (melons painted white and speckly with acrylic paint) in a corner of the playground.
    I have never seen a child as close to spontaneously combusting as I did when the first one saw the eggs!! Best moment of my teaching career to date.
    We took the eggs inside very carefully and my TA 'went to phone London Zoo'. They asked us to catalogue the weight and measurements of each egg, take photos and provide a brief description of each one. They also wanted a report on the circumstances of finding the nest.
    This was 18 months ago and the children still sometimes talk about it! One day there was a Red Kite over the playground and one of those children said 'Oh my days! They never caught the pterodactly!'

  3. This sounds like so much fun! What year group?
  4. mermaid

    mermaid New commenter

    Mine are mixed KS2 SEN but I reckon you could adapt the idea for any age group.
  5. that sounds so lovely! Definately an idea worth remembering!
  6. I have wanted to do an 'Everybody Writes' project for a couple of years now. Lots of things have always got in the way. It's such a fabulous idea.
    It is my mission to to this one day!!!
    Has anyone got a list of themes and ideas?
  7. Hi
    I did this last year with my Rec/year 1 class. They absolutely loved it. They found the eggs and wrote to a zoo to ask for help. We had somebody pretend to be Professor Bones and talk to the children about fossils and different types of dinosaurs. He asked them to turn the classroom into a dinosaur museum. They sent letters to Professor Bones weekly and he sent them different tasks each week. Eg. Find out about plant eating/ meat eating dinosaurs, dig for bones in the school grounds (asking permission from Head!), find out about fossils, create a dinosaur timeline, write dinosaur poems, describe toy dinosaurs etc.
    I hope this is helpful.
  8. My children are Year 1 and they know the theme next term is dinosaurs. We are going to discover the nest and egg in the grounds. As the Reception teacher incubated and hatched hens' eggs - not personally of course - she will be our expert on egg care (she doesnt know this yet) and will give us the email address of the farmer she got her eggs from. I thought I would set up a new hotmail account and we will do shared writing of emails to the farmer and I can then send instructions and questions back to the class. I want to print out a blank email page, not sure how yet, maybe photograph it in activprimary? The children will then respond individually to the farmer during the Big Writing session on the first Friday.
    I like the idea of Professor Bones, the tasks could then fit in with home and independent learning. the work produced could go on display as a learning wall. Perhaps we could contact him by text - we are going to have visualisers next term, I could put my mobile on that I think.
    keep the ideas coming. Plughole, there is a whole range of ideas on the everyone writes website with photos and descriptions of projects.
  9. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Oooh wow, I'm feeling inspired! I tech Y1/2 and our topic for Term 6 is going to be 'Prehistoric' and this sounds like a fantastic way to get the children involved as well as being a fantastic way in to the topic. I have hotlisted this thread and look forward to reading what every one has been up to!
  10. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    How is the plannning going?

    Glad to be of help.
  11. I'm so excited reading this thread :) has anyone got any planning to go along with it that you could send to me? karenbushnell@hotmail.com I start a long term cover contract after half term and would really appreciate any help :) x
  12. pjmteach

    pjmteach New commenter

    They have some plaster blocks containing dinosaur skeletons at the Pound shop.
    My Yr1 class has had a ball digging for fossils and plan to open our class fossil museum after half term.
    Love the nest of eggs idea. What a great job we have !!!

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