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Dim questions about application forms

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by crochetaddict, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. I am a PGCE student applying for teaching jobs. I have worked before going on my PGCE but am getting so confused with the application forms I woudl appreciate some help with my really dim questions. Please be patient with me!
    When they ask for the form to be completed in block capitals, do they just mean the form or does that include the letter of application as well, as it just feels like I AM SHOUTING AT THEM WHEN I DO.[​IMG]
    When they ask for previous employment, does this include all previous employment outside fo teaching? and what sort of school would working in an all ages language school be defined as? (ie Primary, Secondary or FE?)
    There are also only a few lines to do with exams passed, does this need all my GCSE's and A levels? And what do I do if I can't remember the examining board they were with? (mature student remember!)

    I am going to leave it as that (for now) but if you have any ideas/advice I would be very grateful!
  2. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    Hi tia
    (no your questions aren't dim - they are perfectly valid [​IMG])
    Block capitals - just the form, not the supporting statement / letter of application
    Previous employment - it depends on the application form. I have seen some that want all of your previous employment in one section, and others that have separate sections for teaching employment and non-teaching employment. Ultimately, they do need a complete work history, it just depends on the layout of the form you have.
    Exams / qualifications - this one always causes me trouble too! They usually ask for secondary education and qualifications upwards, so yes do include your GCSEs and A levels. I have never written the exam boards I took mine with as I lost my certificates years ago and the names have all changed, so I have no hope of remembering which ones I studied with! This is less important, as employers will only ask for certificates for your degree, PGCE and QTS (in my experience)
    Good luck with your applications,
  3. I am in the process of filling out many application forms also, and even though I only took my gcse/a levels 6 or so years ago, I am useless too and lost some of these. And I don't remember them!
    However, I have not come across an application so far that has asked for the actual exam board, usually date (usually month and year) and the name of qualification and the grade should be perfectly acceptable!
    Good luck with applications, I feel your pain, they can be hard work! [​IMG]
    Now back to my application!

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