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Digital Sound Resources

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by apapa, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. apapa

    apapa New commenter


    Could people recommend websites to help pupils research the task below for iMedia R088. I use BBC and Teach ICT but wondered if others had suggestions.

    · explain the uses and properties of digital sounds across a range of sectors
    · describe the properties and file formats that could be used with digital sounds
    · explain how environmental considerations and limitations could affect the quality of sound obtained when recording audio.

    All assistance appreciated

  2. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Have they not been taught the content? Sectors would include radio, film, television, advertising stings etc.
    Properties and format should be easy as there are not that many
    Last bullet again surely this has been taught before they have embarked on the project - environment ambient sound, diagenic and non-diagenic etc
    As for sites to research if you tell them then then you are over guiding students

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