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Digital cameras

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by justfloating, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. justfloating

    justfloating New commenter

    Anyone recommend reasonably priced digital camera for student use ? USB compatible.
  2. Lottes

    Lottes New commenter

    We have a set of Canon Powershot (A480 I think). They were around £80 each with a soft case, lead and card. Pretty durable, good macro and easy to use.
    (Just for general Art use though, not recommending for A'Level Photography, although we have done GCSEwith them - quality is pretty good.)
  3. justfloating

    justfloating New commenter

    Cheers - Thanks a lot.
  4. I can recommend the powershot range. The rechargable AA batteries work well in class situation if you have spare always on charge. I buy from ebay Canon refurbished store.. but does need school to allow submitting invoices/receipts as expense. Otherwise try something cheap from Tesco!

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