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Difficulty organising food/shop

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by eggnchips, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I have real difficulty organising a healthy life style. The past few weeks have been dreadful and my diet is a disgrace.

    I don't mind cooking and I am no fan of ready meals.

    We have a complicated set up at home. Partner works very unsocial shifts,2 teens in and out,unpredictable, me in and out but ended up with most of the shopping/food thing.

    You name it I've done it.....made big vats of mince frozen ,shop local,shop on line,make a plan......

    Everything is starting to taste the same. Can't stop eating junk. Hate shopping,hate being taken for granted.
  2. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Just a few thoughts...

    Get a veg box delivered...every week/fortnight you get va box of veg (and fruit) delivered to your door, the basis of healthy meals for the next week or so.
    Experiment with herbs and spices - if everything tastes the same. alter the seasoning.
    Set up a rolling plan - no more than a fortnight. Over these two weeks you eat set meals...Monday Week 1 sausage and mash...Tuesday week 1 fish pie et.c....and then stick to it. Make sure the family approve - no moaning midweek 'but I don't want/like fish pie!'
    As for the family....they eat - so they cook! Partner works unsocial shifts - but one night he'll be in? And the teens can surely do a stir-fry or set up the slowcooker? (And everyone is on the clear up rota too!) It shouldn't all be down to you!
    And what are the family doing right now? Send them off with a shopping list - let them shop for a change! And strict instructions not to deviate from the list!
    You say you eat junk food? What sort - can it be adapted to 'healthy'?
    One night a week - Friday or Saturday? Is a 'sod it' night. Noone cooks unless they really want to. You either have a takeaway or pig out on junk food and enjoy it!...If you know there is one night when you can eat rubbish guilt-free you are less likely to eat it midweek (yeah...like I actually believe this one myself!)

  3. Thanks will cogitate! In the meantime like an artist preparing the canvas I am cleaning the kitchen!
  4. ,hate being taken for granted
    Right, there's your problem in a nutshell. This why you are eating all the wrong things and can't stop. Been there, got the scars.
    Try sitting your family down around the table and tell them, without playing the martyr, that you are finding it hard to cope and need their help. They will moan and groan I expect but stand firm. Present them with a plan and divide the labour between them. You do the shopping but they help to plan the meals and they must each cook once a week. The food might be interesting but a sense of responsibility is essential for teenagers.
    Important rule: Whoever cooks does not wash up!
    No moaning, no boo hoo poor me,no shouting, just tell them calmly but firmly how it is going to be from now on. This applies to your partner too! You have allowed yourself to be put upon over the years and only you can stop it.
    Expect hiccups in the early stages but if you have a written roster so that everyone can see what is expected of them it will come right. I promise.
    Your joie de vivre will return as will your waistline! Good luck.

  5. Thank you cosmos. The teens are fairly good at doing jobs if instructed. We have a sort of unwritten rule that we help them and they hang out washing,put dishwasher on that sort of thing. In comparison to some families maybe not too bad. Partner is a good and willing cook but irregular hours get in the way.

    Maybe a roster (roaster) is the way forward.
  6. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    It sounds as if you need things that can go in the microwave in single portions. Stew, fish pie, shepherd's pie spring to mind. Mashed potato keeps well in the fridge to be served in single portions and heated through.
    Things with pasta are a bit more problematic as that is better cooked fresh. Chilli would be ok and you could use the micro-rice to save time.
    We keep some Dolmio express pasta sauces for 1 in for emergencies. They are nothing like as nice as home-made but needs must sometimes and they come in a variety of flavours.
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Cook things like Bolognaise Sauce, Chilli etc, freeze in single portions, microwave when needed and cook pasta or rice to go with it. There are lots of other things you can do this with, eg casseroles, use packet mashed potato or microwave jacket potato to go with it.
    I'm sure your family can manage to cook that for themselves!
    My o/h works shifts so I'm left cooking for myself, it's boring and at the moment as I can't eat. cup soups are proving a godsend.
  8. One thing I found helped when I found myself in a very similar position eggy, was to have a big calendar in the kitchen and everyone had to mark on it when they were going to be home or not. That way you will know what and how much to take out of the freezer for supper/s.
    Freezing single portions as well as larger ones makes life much easier - this doesn't mean you are doing it all though! OH and teens can cook for the freezer too......
  9. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    Is there a particular type of 'junk' or particular meal you tend to turn to? If so, I bet the posters on this forum could suggest recipes that you could freeze and reheat!

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