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difficult teaching assistant

Discussion in 'Primary' started by opalfruits216, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. I have always got on with my previous teaching assistants really well.
    I have someone new this year and she is already driving me mad!! She comes across as a really negative person who is continually moaning. She moans about the classroom, only seems to notice faults with the children. I have told her about the way I work and she questions it. (I am an experienced teacher). When I have given her a job to do, she gives me half an hour briefings on what she has been doing. With all my books to mark, I don't need briefings of this length! If I give her a job to do, she will do it when she wants. Not when I require it. When I made a decision last week about something in class, she went straight to the head to inform her of what I was doing. Her negativity, her questioning of the way I work is really getting me down. Instead of being an asset in the classroom, I find I work a lot better without her and my classroom is a happier place.
    I get the impression that she wasn't happy being moved from where she was and never wanted to work in my year group.
    I can't seem to get away from her moaning. Any advice on how I can keep sane this year? Any one else having similar problems?
  2. witchhazel

    witchhazel New commenter

    I would suggest that you write down the jobs you would like completed down into a 'TA task book', you can then note down when you require the work to be completed by. This has two benefits; your TA can prioritise her workload and if she constantly fails to meet deadlines you have evidence that she is aware when you needed the work and that she is then making a choice not to meet this deadline. You could also ask her to write any thoughts she has in the same book, she gets to off load and you do not get interrupted.
    If your TA runs small group activities give her a briefing sheet. These can ask her to note the positive aspects of the acitivity and the childrens' input. Maybe have one question of any child who found it difficult, but 4 or 5 questions looking at positive aspects.
    If this negativity contnues then you may need to speak directly; say you are concerned that she does not seem to be enjoying her role and ask if there is something that would help.
    Good luck.
  3. Thank you for replying. That was very helpful.

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