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difficult situation during training service

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by sebastian_paz1, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    Hello there,
    I just posting here to release a bit of steam but also looking for advice what to do (maybe just wait)
    I started my Diploma in Educaton and training in january 2018. With he promise of a placement and that the duration of the course would be no more than 14 months. forward to December last year I was able to finish the folders. I found myself the placement and after much struggle I was able to deliver the knowledge base work plus the workplace evidence work.
    In January 2020 my teacher asked me to finish completing some forms and no news after that. In theory the regulatory agency was coming to check the folders.
    After that nothing. And in March, Covid.
    I do understand that could happen but suddenly just at the beggining of September I received a notification that my folders were "padded" and I have two weeks to ammend this. So I proceed to work on make then thing (all this with very little help) And the IV was done in February!!
    The person in charge of the IV disappear from a week (so nobody was able to check my folders) and last week I was able to deliver my much thinner "not padded" folders. The teach puts a schedule for those weeks about a list of students have a go for the visit of the people that give the certification next week. With chances to check folders yesterday and today.
    And so far nothing. I do understand all the covid circumstances but I did not get the proper guidance of how of unpad my folders and all this waiting is making me very stress out. Apart from being able to work (I usually work as a supply)
    Anyway if somebody has any advice let me know. Sorry for the long post.
  2. JJ83

    JJ83 Occasional commenter

    It is not clear what QS you are asking? Ring them up if you want to know if you have passed? COVID has done everyone over in some way shape or form sadly
    Try not to worry it will all work out it just may take more time
  3. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    I guess if to know if someone is in a similar situation and if all these providers are the same. To present a formal complain or get more serous. Thinking about many days missed at work to complete the work on time. They can change the rules, but I can. And is Covid made for everyone more difficult, why they cannot be more understanding.
    I have been understanding how stressful and difficult this situation is for everyone, but they seem been very cold and strict regrind personal, economic or pandemic reasons.
    "your folders are padded, can and pick them up"
    "That was never mentioned as a critical issue before, So what should I do?"
    "Well,I sent you a picture, twice with some examples"
    "Yes but a picture is not appropriate guidance"
    "ok, do what you can, if not, you folder will be kick to the next visit of the examination board, and I do not know when is going to be"
    " I will, try, Can you please let me know if is ok or not?"
    "I will" (no answers so far"

    And most of the messages were done in a goglee classrom with a final message saying "no questions will be answered".
    Hope it is more clear.
  4. bonxie

    bonxie Lead commenter

    Find out who is in charge of the course you are on, give them details of what has been happening and your current situation, then ask them for guidance on what you should do next.
    JJ83 likes this.
  5. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    the person in charge is also the person who does the internal verification and supposed to communicate with the students. She refused to answer emails. this week waiting for results of the evaluation body.

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