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Difficult Parent

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by tom clancy, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. My first ireaction would be to tell her to put up or shut up!
    Firstly, are you following your schools procedure in dealing with allegations against staff? If yes, and presumably they have been found to be baseless then the parent has no grounds in attempting to have this member of staff not teach her child. How is she refusing in practical terms?
    I would suggest you ask your LA legal dept to draft a letter to her pointing out the law as it were.

  2. Totally agree with Tom Clancy on this. Providing you are following your complaints procedure to the letter she has no grounds for refusal. If she is unsatisfied with what you have done so far, has she escalated it to the governors as yet? If not I would suggest she does as that is undoubtedly stage 2/3 of your complaints procedure. Just keep it by the letter of the procedure and you should be OK. If you have gone through the extent of the procedure and she is still unsatisified a letter from the LA legal dept. would seem to be the logical next step.
  3. If this does become a formal complaint to the governors, you may want to take some advice from your union.

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