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Difficult Class

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by littlebird22, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Happily I passed. What a difference a week makes! It has all turned around, they were perfect for my crit even being nice to me immediately beforehand and telling me everything would be fine, I'm a great teacher etc. whilst I was waiting for my tutor (she came for the 2nd half of the lesson). The girl who on Monday wanted me fired on Tuesday was telling my tutor how good I was! And this was with no bribery - honest! This sudden good behaviour and being nice has carried on all week, let's hope that it stays that way!
    Even my other class who I was finding difficult have been quite nice this week. I'm preparing myself for when it all changes though!
    Hopefully this week has given me some more confidence and a chance to relax now though with no more crits which can only be a good thing for maintaining good behaviour - I hope!
    I understand totally what you are saying about being their teacher not their friend. I maybe didn't express myself properly. I don't mind really if they don't like me as long as I feel like we are getting the work done. What worries me is the comments that they are going to get their Dads to phone in and complain. I've already had a parent phone in the complain (it was a complete misunderstanding where a child had repeated something I said to an older brother who had then misrepeated it to Dad who phoned in without even checking with the girl I said it to) and my Head of Dept was fine about it but I'm wary of another phone call!
    Thanks for the kind words. They really helped and sorry it took me so long to thank you.
  2. I know that this post was written a long time ago but at a recent job interview I found myself talking about this class and my journey with them a lot in answer to the questions and thought that I should revisit this thread.
    For other student teachers who are finding it tough going, don't give up. What was a nightmare class has now turned into my favourite and they are an absolute joy to teach. We have none of the swearing, singing, wandering around that I used to have: instead they work hard and are coming on leaps and bounds. I truly love teaching them. Whereas they used to hate me, they now want to work hard to please me. They all know that I can tell straight away when they have worked hard and when they haven't bothered to put any effort in.
    My journey with them has been truly amazing. I find myself talking about every one of them with pride in the staff room and this has reminded me why I wanted to teach in the first place.
    I hope that things turned out much better for you Quirrel with your new class and they are as lovely as this class has become for me :)


  3. Sorry this is such a later reply but better late than never! I'm so glad the horrible class didn't knock your confidence and that you mastered them so successfully! You sound like an amazing teacher. Did you get the job?

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