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Differentiation in Geography

Discussion in 'Geography' started by liamjring, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. liamjring

    liamjring New commenter


    I'm a Trainee Geographer teacher looking for tips on how to differentiate for HAP (High achieving pupils) and LAP (Low achieving pupils).

    If you can offer any advice at all or ways in which to cut down the admin that would be great!

    Is it acceptable to give one hand out to all the students which caters for all levels? I.e. a differentiated handout with Challenge questions for HAPs?
  2. jlm1984

    jlm1984 New commenter

    I usually give my LAP differentiated worksheets, word banks, writing frames, cloze exercises etc, text photocopied so they can highlight bits, printed off notes for lessons where there is a lot of writing etc.

    For HAP I usually, either have a bank of stretch and challenge activities to hand or I add challenge tasks to Powerpoint slides so that they are visible for students to complete after main tasks.

    One handout with differentiated tasks on is fine but will produce alot of paper resources for you each lesson.

    I also differentiate my homework tasks and the same for assessments.
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