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Difference between IGCSE and GCSE

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by jonkers, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. jonkers

    jonkers New commenter

    Is there much of a difference between the two? At my children's school the top 2 sets take IGSCE which implies that it is more rigorous/difficult. The parents have been told that it is better preparation for Additional maths which is taken at the same time. Have any of you got any experience/views on the validity of this?
  2. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    there is a thread below that discusses may help a bit. Does your child go to an independent school? I've worked with some students on an evening towards the iGCSE. I don't necessarily think it is any harder than the current GCSE, but I agree it may be better preparation for AS maths as it has more content that may be relevant
  3. jonkers

    jonkers New commenter

    Thank you for that. I should have scrolled down to check if there was already a discussion going on. It seems, from what has been written, that the IGSCE is of the same difficulty but less "wordy" than the GCSE so would suit students with lower literacy skills (one of daughters) so why would a school only enter the top 2 sets rather than the whole year group? Yes to the independent question - them not me, I am in primary!
  4. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    I'm not sure. Do the other groups all do higher?
  5. See if you can get hold of the most recent Edexcel IGCSE paper and the equiv GCSE one and see what you make of the two.
    Ditto the AS comment above.
  6. jonkers

    jonkers New commenter

    No, some do foundation.
  7. mmmmmaths

    mmmmmaths New commenter

    Additional Maths includes calculus. IGCSE includes calculus whereas Gcse does not. Hence IGCSE is better preparation. The school is looking to best prepare them for A level and maybe Further Maths by studying the Additional maths. This is why IGCSE is done with the top two sets only.
  8. jonkers

    jonkers New commenter

    Thank you for that reply, it certainly rings true as eldest daughter is planning/being encouraged to do Maths and Further Maths at A level.

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