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Difference between head of department/subject leader and teacher?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Mysti, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Is what exactly?
  2. Is what exactly?
  3. In my experience HOD and subject leader are the same thing...
  4. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Subject leader is a more common term in primary schools for the person who coordinates the subject, but because everyone teaches everyone there is no 'department' as such.
    In secondary schools you'll find a wide range of titles to all mean what used to be called a Head of Department, e.g. at my last school we had a Leader of English for example.
  5. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    It may link to management responsibilities; subject leaders are not necessarily responsible for managing staff and may lead a smaller subject e.g. Photography / Psychology whereas Heads of Department tend to manage teaching staff. This does of course vary from school to school so always look at the job description!
  6. Thanks guys [​IMG]
    Sorry, the question was a bit ambigous. What I meant was, what is the difference between a subject leader and a teacher?
  7. In my experience of being a HOD/Subject Leader you are expected to do all of the things a teacher does plus any or sometimes all of the following:
    Managing staff including completing performance management
    Planning SOWs, exam board choices etc
    Organising mock exams, paperwork for exam entries, coursework/controlled assessment admin
    Sorting cover work for absent colleagues
    Dealing with behaviour management
    Sharing good practice amongst colleagues
    Leading dept meetings
    Introducing and running whole school and often government initiatives within your dept
    Liasing with SLT
    You are ultimately responsible for the results of your dept - both successes and failures
    Organising trips
    Managing a budget and organising ordering
    To be honest, the list is pretty endless and varies on the school and the size of your dept!!

  8. Thank you Isabel - this is what I thought too.
    I do all you listed. I am employed as a teacher in a new subject area for 6th form. I have set up and running two new courses for 10 students in total. They would like me to run and set up two new courses in September, so all in all I will have set up, monitored and implemented four new courses at L2 and L3.
    Yet, they will not make me into a department. There is currently another person who teaches it too and I have co-directed him too although I am not responsible for his PM. We shall also employ another teacher for September so in total there will be three of us with about 3 students doing L3 in Year 13 and approimately 30 new students coming in to Year 12 doing 4 subjects altogether. All either work 4 GCSE's or 3 A-Levels, so its alot of work.
    I chase up work from staff and students, sort out the IV and EV sampling, write SOW's, monitor progress etc.
    Isn't this enough to be run as a department and employed as one?
  9. Anybody?
  10. It seems ridiculous to me. Either stop doing all the extra stuff and insist that you are properly line managed and all the extra stuff goes to that manager or you are given a TLR. It is hard to hold that line, especially when you know what needs to be done and have high standards for yourself but it is the only way.

    Have this conversation with SMT directly and with a list of the duties you currently undertake with you.
  11. Thanks Kaliblue
    I do have high standards and do know what needs to be done, and its hard to step away, my fault partly :/ I feel the students will miss out if I slack too.
    I did speak with line manager who is an SMT member. He will get back to me after speaking to the head.
    He also said to me, that the head may say cause I am on UPS that it is part of my UPS standards/role, which of course I rebutted!
    Finally, the numbers are low, about max of 25 students altogether doing 4 courses and apparently that is why I can't get TLR or be heading a department. But hey, I'm still running it as a department!
  12. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Why don't you speak to the head directly?
  13. I did Karvel. My post 7 and 10 was a combination of her responses.

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