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Difference between a deputy head and assistant head teacher?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by janethis, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hi, I am hoping someone here can help.

    I am a SENCO looking for promotion and have been looking at Deputy headships but have also been 'glancing' at Assistant head jobs and was wondering what the difference is? I only ask because the job descriptions can vary greatly but sometimes seem the same.



  2. Hcuks is right. It varies in schools and the roles/responsibilities can be very similar. Only difference I am told is that if Head is off long term, the deputy is expected to stand in, part of their duties. The Assistant head can cover but can also decline the responsibility. But with regard workload, you can find yourself doing less or more depending on the schools needs and structure of hieracrchy!
  3. ake

    ake New commenter

    A good way of looking at things is to take the job titles literally. The Deputy Head can deputise for the Headteacher i.e. when the Head is not there he/she is the Head. The Deputy Head can also take on items from the Headteachers job description (under the Headteachers' supervision) - i.e. doing the work of a Headteacher.
    An Assistant Headteacher assists the Headteacher in carrying out leadership tasks but without the same level of authority.
    How this operates in schools differs widely and jobs done by DHTs in some schools are done by AHTs in others.


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