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Diet and Allergies-Food Intolerances

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by QAAWyrd_Tuition, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. QAAWyrd_Tuition

    QAAWyrd_Tuition New commenter


    As I come from a family where food intolerance (and myopia) and allergies are quite commonplace - and schooling was quite a nightmare for both reasons - are there any teachers out there who encounter kids who are struggling considerably from not having the right food to eat in school: being bullied because of being different as they cant eat with heir friends: Or who in the case of glasses - need varifocals instead of plain glasses to be able to read both the board/interactive whiteboard, see fellow students and the teacher and be able to focus on the desk in front of them to read and write at the same time. I played up for years as I couldn't ever see both and was pretty hungry... and couldn't eat school food.

    The new surveys on the latest kind of food and cooking oil are pretty dire - and our friendly rapeseed oil is a nightimare if you-school kids are allergic as it is in all processed food even bread now - its quite a problem foodstuff mostly in the past used to drive tractors.

    Ditto chlorine in water - did you know they throw the chlorine in water ad hoc and then remove the excess with sodium bi-sulphite which can be really dangerous in quantities - it happens about twice a year as the water companies (profit motivated) get to grips with either floods or rising summer temperatures. Milk that's homogneised sees to have water in it. The solutions for drinking are fruit juice where no water is added - milk that is not homogenised (breakfast clubs maybe - waitrose sell non homogenised) - the worst effects are sleeplessness and skin problems ... there seems to be some kind of excessive caffeine effect and the relief when you get back to ordinary sleep patterns and sleep properly is just overwhelming.

    There are some organisations with info and places other than the nhs who are very frightening who might be able to help - finding the foods a child can eat can be very frightening for parents and carers and teachers.

    Maybe its a point for some PSHE awareness.
  2. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    Did you know that if you obsess too much about imagined food intolerances that your brain shrivels so much it can no longer tell what's real? It also seems to make a person quite incoherant. It looks like you haven't remotely found all the things you're intolerant of. Well, something's addling your brain, anyway.

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