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Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei/ The Edukators

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Rotwein44, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Rotwein44

    Rotwein44 New commenter

    I am teaching film for the first time and wondered if anyone has any resources for Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei (The Edukators) that they would be willing to share. [​IMG]

  2. Hi there,
    you are in luck as I am teaching the film for the cultural topic and have lots of stuff I found. I will post it in the resources section now. They aren't my resources for the most part, so I don't take any credit for them.
  3. OK, I am having no luck uploading them so if you send your e-mail I will send them to you.
  4. kec974

    kec974 New commenter

    Although I haven't used their resources for this particular film, the Irish Film Institute is great for a selection of films of which this is one. Here is the link:
    Hope this also helps.

  5. Guten Tag!

    You may already have this website. If not, it is a very good one.

    Here is a German site with many film booklets to download as PDF files --kostenlos!!!


    = Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

    1. Just klick on Publikationen in the left column.

    2. Then klick on Filmhefte in the left column.

    There are many film booklets here, not just for German films. For example, there is a Filmheft for Kick it like Beckham, auf Deutsch, naeturlich!

    This webiste has lots of other teaching resources too.
  6. Rotwein44

    Rotwein44 New commenter

    Thanks I have send you a PM with my email address on!
  7. Rotwein44

    Rotwein44 New commenter

    Thanks for the links and the information, I will have a look at them all! [​IMG]
  8. taradh

    taradh New commenter

    I went on a WJEC course all about teaching film as I has also not taught it before and it was really helpful (if they are running a similar one this year).
    There is a <u>great</u> website called www.tyskforlaget.dk that helped me a lot. It's in Danish but there are a lot of target language exercises and Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei is on there, I'm sure. I also looked at other film exercises on there and it gave me ideas of what to do with the film I did(Jenseits der Stille).
    I have posted some resources on here for Jenseits der Stille that can be adapted for any film(eg. types of shots used)
    The sites mentioned by the other posters on here are also v.helpful.Check out filmportal.de for reviews that you can then use for exercises,quotes,etc.The Goethe Institute in Milan had some really good stuff for my film(I just searched the net)
    Hope this helps!

  9. Rotwein44

    Rotwein44 New commenter

    Thanks Taradh, that website is great!! [​IMG] Some great ideas for discussion and activities. I'll keep my eye out for the WJEC course and try and get on it, what time of year was it on? Have you got any tips on introducing/ discussing characters? I'll have a look at you resources and see if I can adapt them.
    On a plus point I have managed to get hold of a full copy of the Drehbuch from the film production company, so if you or anyone wants a copy then PM me and I'll forward it on.
  10. I'm studying Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei with my year 13 now - we had to watch it very quickly without much analysis in preparation for a video conference lecture. I'm now using some of the resources mentioned here to work through the themes. here are some of the websites i have looked at

    there is also a study guide in English on this website http://filmeducation.org/resources/film_library/getfilm.php?film=1322
    I would love a copy of the Drehbuch if that is at all possible [​IMG]
  11. Rotwein44

    Rotwein44 New commenter

    Hi Clareh8

    Sorry just checked this and saw your message. If you give me your email I forward the drehbuch to you!


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