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DiDA Unit 2 Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by alilou, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I was wondering for those of you who teach Unit 2 what you would expect the students to include in their eportfolios for multimedia elements. The moderator has said that there was no multimedia elelements in the eportfolios despite: students making them in Flash with rollover buttons - sound on rollover, motion tween and movie clips for text to come in, aniations depicting the theme of the game etc.
  2. BoDarville

    BoDarville New commenter

    I had my students record audio commentary for their ePortfolios as well as including the usual text, rollovers, images, etc and again, got a comment for not having any multimedia content in their ePortfolios in my moderation.
    Interestingly, I did the online training course for Assesing D202 with Edexcel in November and raised the point that those students who had created quite rich content for their actual products would find it difficult to populate their ePortfolios with even more multimedia and still remain within the overall 30mb limit.The person running the training course agreed completely with that point and said they were looking into it.
    I still got moderated down though...really harshly in fact (the first time I've ever had my marking adjusted by Edexcel after 5 years of teaching the qualification). Feel like I can't be ***** with Edexcel anymore - you never know where you are with them!
  3. Thanks for that advice
    I'm struggling marking unit 2 with the difference between
    5 marks " make some use of multimedia assets to present achievements"
    7 Marks "make some use of multimedia assets to showcase achievements"
    9 Marks "showcase achievements and enhance the user experience"

    any ideas how I explain the difference to my students?

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