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Dida Unit 2 Multimedia

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AG99, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Thank you very much for your help - I will have a look at the ones you recommended.
    Since Im new to the course I was just wondering what software will we need to complete unit 2 fully. All we have on our network is Microsoft Office, some old version of drawplus and Lotus Smartsuite 2003.
    I know in unit 2 you will need software that will do animation - What open source software do you recommend for completing the other tasks? We will be working on the fair deal project.So need software for the promotional movie and information point.
  2. Not doing this one myself but, having had a quick look (and depending on your operating system) I'd say Photostory 3 for the Swap advert and Windows Movie maker for the Movie. The Information point is a different matter! we would use Matchware Mediator for this.
    One important thing to bear in mind with Unit 2 is the emphasis on Design in the mark scheme. Unlike the other units the kids should get feedback on their designs as well as the actual task documents - and ideally act on it.
  3. Thanks you very much
    Photostory 3 looks like the way to go and im planning on using movie maker for movie.....Matchware mediator looks good but will be impossible to acquire - I will have to look into alternatives for the information point.
    Students always like to implement things but rarely like the design stage - Ill make sure they are aware of this - again thanks for the tips!
    Anyone else teaching dida unit 2 - fair deal got any tips or resources?
    Thanks in advance
  4. Just checking out the swap advert - any reason why you wouldn't use MS Powerpoint? Seems to be the obvious choice, unless I've missed something!
    The thing that I'm not sure about for the swap advert is gathering images of the specific products that aren't going to cause any copyright problems - surely it's a breach of copyright if I grab a pic of an M&S fair trade chocolate bar from the M&S website - can it be explained away in the assets table as "probably covered by copyright, but as this is a school project etc." or should the students not be using images of the specific products, but images that represent the products that they have created, or gathered from copyright free sources.
    Any ideas?

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