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DIDA Student in a total pickle

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by nickkip, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. We are the parents of a very bright but intrinsically lazy 14 year old. When we let him choose his options last year, we made a huge mistake in allowing him to choose DIDA. Not because we are not sure its an excellent and useful qualification but instead because it relies heavily on his ability to self-manage.

    Roll on 4 months and he's now hugely hugely behind. His planning documentation appears to have stopped some time in November, he's trying to do things when underlying stuff isn't right and effectively has made a real bodge of it all.

    So the question is, given all of the above, can the situation be remedied?
    How do the examiners accept a total re-work of planning and huge gaps between what should have happened and a massively revised plan?

    And given how much work he has to catch up on, what exactly is the situation with him catching up at least SOME of it at home?

    Any help would be excellent!
  2. Planning is not a problem as it's certainly acceptable to re-write the plan - he would possibly gain credit for recognising that planning changes were needed and reflecting this in his work.
    The written elements of the unit can be done at home (though you should check that this is accepted practice at this school). This means that the commentaries for each task web page and the written reviews (evaluations) for each task could be written at home.
    If the course finishes this year then the deadline is 15th May, though, again, you should check when the school requires the work in. Without knowing the specific unit and the work already completed it's difficult to give further advice, other than the fact that you should take your son in to the school and see the teacher concerned. If your son is willing to make the effort then I'm sure his teacher will be prepared to work with him. Be prepared to get your son to attend after school to do some catch up work.
  3. Making a fresh start is a really good idea and he should be able to write an effective plan now he knows how long it takes to do things. Candidates are expected to do some of the work at home so that isnt a problem.
    Its a good idea to get the teacher to sort out the underlying problems so that he can go forward and i wouldnt be surprised to find that a lot of what he has done is useful
    good luck with it

  4. Send me a direct message with your email address and I'll send you some advice I prepared for someone else in a similar position.

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