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DiDA Results 2011

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Bergkamp101, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Bergkamp101

    Bergkamp101 New commenter

    I am a very disapointed ICT teacher as our dida results are much lower than I expected. I have read the moderators report which presents several contradictions and points I strongly disagree with.
    Has anyone else had lower than expected results this year?
    I'm considering resubmitting the sample or appealing as I completley disagree with the fact our grades have been reduced by 30%. Has anyone been successful with this?
    Thanks in advance
    Mike L
  2. We ditched this qualification a couple of years ago due to the fact that it wasn't reflecting our students abilities. Nice idea in practice and less boring than producing lots of screen prints but we had a 47% difference in grades compared to our marking! we now do ocr nats and get much better results.
  3. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    Fortunately our results are ok this year after a couple of years of down-marking. The SPBs do vary in the amount of work required,so if you can...pick with care. You also need to know what you're doing with the marking.
  4. I have just gotten my DiDA results and am appalled by the way they have been moderated. Some students have been marked down by 10 marks and I marked them hard as to try and meet the stringent requirements.
    Anybody got any advice about appeals procedure?
    Thanks in advance
  5. My results haven't been marked down but the report says I need to be more stringent in the awarding of marks.
    I had D204_09 Class Act and D201_09 Think Click moderated.
    How about everyone else?
  6. Bergkamp101

    Bergkamp101 New commenter

    Hi Zab
    I'm in the same position as you. I'm so gutted. I followed exactly the same tough procedure as I've done with previous cohorts and achieved reasonable results. I'm meeting the examinations officer and vice principle on Friday to explore the appeals process. I'll get back to when I know a little more.

  7. Thanks for the reply Mike.
    I can't believe that some students have been downgraded by almost 50%. It's outrageous.
    I've had the meeting with exams officer and head of school and we are putting together an appeal based on the differences between instructions in SPBs and Walk through documents etc.
    I will report back on that tomorrow.
  8. I cannot believe the results the students have got! It seems that Edexcel bring down marks based on their own agenda year by year. The students created a screensaver based on a story for Think Click which should result in astute awarness of SoAP. Astute meaning a cunning awerness of something. Instead the report suggests that the screensaver was too complicated for student of 5-7. They suggested going to CBeeBies, well there's pleantly of stories on CBeebies!! Can't believe this!!
  9. I was really pleased with our results - Unit 3 On your marks and Unit 4 Make it Matter. The marks we submitted stood - although i have a feeling for unit 3 the grade boundaries were moved up which impacted on some overall marks. Overall pleased with the results - but interested to see the grade boundaries. I see the SPBs for Sept 11 are out now as well.
  10. Unit 3 marks accepted but Unit 4 downgraded by 5 marks. Moderators report was not very helpful as to why marks changed either. Decided not to appeal as not doing Unit 4 anymore.
  11. Hi, Sorry to hear you all have issues with marking/moderation.
    I have not had any issues, all marks stand as submitted and had nothing but good comments from the moderators for D101, D201, D103, D203 and D202, including random sample of previously OSCA accredited units. This is essentially down to the detailed marking grids I have developed and used every year since the end of the pilot and made them available to all via the TES resouce bank too. I STRONGLY suggest you have a look at them and give them a try - If I don't have the specific ones for each SPB they are easy enough to adapt and well worth the couple of hours it takes to do.
    PS - I am not a moderator, never have been and don't intend being one either, I simply had to make the marking easier for me, my staff and my students and developed the grids after the pilot year gave me so much grief! Check out the grids I used this year - I think the number of downloads and comment speak for themselves.
    Best of luck to you all with appeals, etc.
  12. Exams officer at your school should sort out any appeals.
    Most comments appear to be statement bank stuff with little specific input overall hence they often appear quite wooly and don't closely match SPB/Walkthroughs for every year.
  13. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    Take note of gg52's mark sheets -they are excellent and kindly made available through TES.
  14. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    p.s. FYI: My y11s are now likey to use Serif WebPlus x5 for their eportfolios - this will save a lot of time when considering they used to use Dreamweave MX2004.

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