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DIDA D203 Sep 11 issue

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by monkey246, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. My students used Microsoft Visio to draw the outline of the shop and then either Macromedia Fireworks/Freehand to put the design on.
  2. We use Serif software for the whole unit. DrawPlus for the logo, all the shop work, packaging net then PhotoPlus for the photo montage and combining it with the net. Flier could be PhotoPlus combined with Pageplus or Publisher, finishing off the presentation in PPT with screenshots, edited photos, etc.
    Lots of graphics for eportfolio created with Serif too.

  3. Like Serif software but most pupils used google SketchUp... free and easy to used (lots of videos).
  4. I did it all using Macromedia Fireworks and a little photoshop.

    Would love to have a look at how some of the Google Sketchup stuff came out, i've been contemplating introducing a SOW for it in KS3.

    Would happily share some of the examples I've drawn up for the pupils in exchange.
  5. It's a deal!

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