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DiDA D203 Moderation Jan Window Outcome

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by wilkinss, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    Have OSCA for some time but got called in this time. Students produced excellent work, judged against criteria and moderators report from June 2010. Our moderators feedback was so ambigious it was a joke!! Everything he stated was contrary to what the students had produced and what we commented on stating it on the mark sheet. To drop two grades is just outrageous and wonder if anybody else had this? Our students are so disappointed as we went through the feedback with them and they agree how the work is evident contrary to what the report states.
    We are in a no win situation, so glad this is the last window and this course is being dumped from the highest point I can find. Moved to Nationals and although easier for achievement, moderation is so fair compared to this course.
    Has anyone had marks changed by going down the route of remoderation? I would love to hear everyones response to this?
  2. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    Hi i have just been granted an OSCA we could swap notes and i can show you our work for D203????

    Which SPB did you do???
  3. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    We did D203 On Your Marks. Kids done excellent work but our Distinctions got dropped by two grades for what, we just do not know, would love to see your version. We are putting them back in for June 2011 but what we have to improve we just dont know as so ambigious from moderators report. We had OSCA as well but got called in, just a joke!
    Would love to see your work and compare though, any suggestions of how to get it to me?
    Thank you for responding
  4. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    Not sure its too big to send over email obviously!!!

    What do you suggest? where are you based?

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