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DiDA D201 - marked down!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by donakebab, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Anyone had any problems this year? We were selected for sampling. All the pupils work was thoroughly checked both before and after going on the CD.
    Penalised for links not working (checked 3 times by 2 teachers!)
    Last time coursework was submitted it was agreed Word could be used. Well apparently not this time round. Never checked the moderator tool kit because didn't expect it to change! NON of the work submitted on Word was marked.
    We are an experienced centre - not new to DiDA. Not changed any of the systems we use - if fact I think we mark more harshly now than ever before. All pupils scaled down by between 6 and 9 marks.
    Astounded is not the word. How do you tell a pupil previously on an A* (only got one of them) they are now a B. How do you tell a pupil previously on a B they are now on a U for the core unit. We have 15 pupils who have almost completed D202 who have failed D201 by at least 4 marks!
    Oh and the guidance is a load of rubbish - a blanket statement on project planning which we have previously been commended for! No indication of where the grades have been lost.
  2. This may seem obvious, but did you check the CD away from the school network? - if the hyperlinks are absolute this would have been picked up.
    As far as I know, this has never been the case. Who told you this? The moderators toolkit does not mention word at all:
    Finally, why not apply for a remark - with an qual there is always the chance of a rogue moderator that knows nothing and applies the criteria in the wrong way...

  3. Word docs never have been accepted - if a moderator did accept themTHEY were in the wrong and you got away with it, lucky you!
    .RTF files supplied by the board aren't accepted either - always a sore point.....
    Cds must be checked off the system. Ive had problems where links didn't work because of silly very long file names used by students and the files being nested in too many folders, especially when I copied them in to my own nested folders on the laptop for marking!. I think this comes down to a web browser issue rather than files not linked.
    Ask for details if you haven't got it - it should be there already on edexcelonline. Appeal if necessary, posting commendations back to them in support if necessary.
    Make the changes and resubmit in May.
    If nothing else, try remarking using my marking grids - they make marks difficult to dispute providing file types are correct. I'll post again when Ive uploaded them.
  4. Donakebab, I read your words with a great deal of sympathy. We can all go through hell and back worrying about how things will be judged come moderation. A horrible scenario like yours is something I dread! I think you may been a victim of - as a previous post says - a rogue moderator. As you are an experienced centre with previous positive feedback I think you'll have a good case on any rejudgement. Keep your head up - I'm sure it'll be fine in the end!
    However, you may want to reconsider a few things for the future. I would echo the post(s) above: Word documents are not valid - the guidance is quite clear and specific on this. And again, the onus is on you to check that the eportfolios stand by themselves external to any files referenced from within your school. A quick look on a home PC is all it takes for that peace of mind.
    Good luck for you - and your students - on getting a fair mark.
  5. Hooray! its not just me, i can put down the gin valium and revolver, cheer up and wave a hearty goodbye to d201.
    like you i submitted last summer using word and was heartily downgraded. EAR on the basis of inconsistency between d203 word allowed pupils a* all round and d201same pupils unclassified result regraded to pass £400 bill. this came after we had entered load of the candidates again, £1200 bill, as a precaution this time with pdfs galore.
    Today i get the results - bearing in mind they should be 10 - 15 marks up on average as the moderator originally "could'nt read" the word/publisher docs - and lo and behold same results as before and some candidates actually scoring less.
    All i can do now is throw myself at the mercy of my kind and forgiving SLT - i already know my value added is screwed for august as the best my A* pupils can get depends on how well they now do in D203 - and telling them the good news tomorrow is really going to do wonders for their motivation.
    AAAAAaaaaarrrrgghhhh some more
    think ill drop a note to that friendly ask expert site for clarification or is it just a sales desk for the new gcse?
  6. thanks everyone for the advice. All work was checked on my laptop at home - away from the school network (been bitten by that one before)
    Regarding the word documents -2 - 3 yrs ago I went on a North Wales meeting where it came 'straight from the horses mouth' so the speak that they would accept word docs due to the number of schools being marked down because Word was not an acceptable format. "In future items sent in Word format WILL be marked"
    I know who told me and I can remember how delighted we were in the department because we had problems with getting the PDF software to work on some of the older computers on the network.
    Never resubmitted anything previously so hopefully the head will understand the fees. I do feel we have been victims of an over zelous moderator. I have seen work from other schools and I know ours is up to scratch and we DO NOT mark generously.
    Will be appealling without a doubt :-(

    thanks again!

  7. I got stung regarding the submissions in Word during my first submission for D201. As a student had left it in that format despite beig told not to I submitted it as it had been selected for sampling. The moderator commented on the fact that the sample included material in Word and marked down the vhole cohort. this despite the fact that I'd deducted marks from the student in question for this offence on the aptly named **** document.
    Now that I'm older and wiser (?) I've never submitted work outside of the moderators toolkit again and marks have been more predictable although not always left intact. This time around I adjusted my scoring based upon national trends and made sure that I didn't have too many higher grades in the overall submission and several fails. The result? They accepted the marks in toto!
  8. My name is Gareth Byrne, I'm Edexcel's ICT Subject Advisor.
    We have several systems in place to support centres post results day.
    Please contact me directly on ICTSubjectAdvisor@EdexcelExperts.co.uk and we can discuss the options available to you.
  9. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    I agree with gq52 here. From the start Word files were not acceptable file formats. However there should, in my view, be only a small penalty for submiting the wrong file types and provided the school has applied this penalty then the school is moderating correctly and should have their marks stand.
    <h3>One section of the mark scheme is: Present evidence in an e-Portfolio (maximum 9 marks). Clearly failure to follow the tech spec is going to cost the student all the marks in this section but that still leaves 33 possible marks and (IIRC) approximately 18 is a PASS.</h3>
    <table class="sow"><tr><th>1 Mark</th><td>Construction of an eportfolio, with guidance, that conforms to the technical specification* and demonstrates some awareness of audience and purpose through:
  10. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Sorry the formatting applied is not mine, I don't get what has happened but hopefully my point is made.
  11. Wow, what a comfort that someone else is experiencing the same problems. We have been working with Dida D201 for the last 3 years and we have had no problems. This year we are at a loss to work out exactly what they are implying about out selection of work submitted.
    As we are all aware of the examination boards level of marking we also took great care to ensure that the work supplied was in line with the moderators guidance. We have also double checked the work submitted.
    We are also shocked to see that we only have a success rate of 4% pass. and these were the ones we submitted as an A*.
    Can anyone suggest what we could do to review this as we are finding hard to inform our boys who have spent endless hours that they have simply failed.
    Has anyone spoken to Edexcel and got a solution to this problem that looks like so many of us are faced with.

  12. Mine all came back unchanged - as ever.
    Have a look for my version of the ARS in the resouce bank and try them out.They work.
    Please be aware I did get feedback that the EDEXCEL guidance I use in the first column was updated last year hence I need to make a few changes to it.
  13. I don't follow this. Are you really saying that in the ePortfolio, you can use PowerPoint and Excel but not Word? That's utter carp. No one can have been that stupid as to introduce a rule like that. What idiot came up with that? Besides, so many pupils use Word that it seems stupid to penalise them more than a few marks for not saving or converting documents into something else.
    Edexcel need to explain themselves.
  14. Why? Some maths tests don't allow use of calculators, universities want stuff double line spaced etc, there are loads of examples along similar lines if you want to follow them through. Even OCR are reccomending use of universal file formats for work submitted for Creative Imedia.....

    Like any exam it pays to follow the guidance/regs and Edexcel make it clear in the SPBs that work submitted must be from the file type list they supply.

    Sorry, but no sympathy from me over file types.
    As for the issue of moderators marking down compared to previous years I can sympathise - ask for a remark or lodge an appeal seems to be the answer.......

    PS, if people haven't already noticed this thread is a year old and the
    same issues crop up every year, often because someone doesn't read the
    information and advice given in multiple places each year.
  15. We have just had our results back from D203 all of which were marked down for the first time, which in itself was one issue but could be easy to take if there was a consistent justification for it. I am very "tight" in giving marks and tried to follow the assessment guidance to the letter as well as previous moderators comments.
    All samples marked as a distinction or merit came back as a credit and those at a credit came back as a pass. On checking the moderators comments I found that a lot of the things he picked up as issues had occured in only two of the portfolios, and not in any of the higher marked ones. Why then mark down two levels for everyone? My students are very deflated which I can fully understand given the amount of work they put in, and naturally I am the one in the firing line. We considered re-moderation but were told that unless the exact marks that we awarded were re-instated then we would not get any money back, so in the end we will re-submit for the summer. We are in the process of changing to OCR Nationals where the whole process of assessment and moderation and seems far less punitive and much more helpful.
    Would anyone who had success with D203 be able to offer any pointers or exemplars? I am all for swapping anything I can such as exemplar Unit 1 OCR Nationals??
  16. So little johnny works his his socks off for 3 months and produces his finest work ever. Then, because he never went File - Save as and then selected rtf or some other format, you think it's okay to crucify him rather than deduct a few marks? We are supposed to be encouraging students and rewarding what they actually do, not nit-picking stupid exam boards' petty officals' pet hoop-jumping exercise. Yes take off a couple of marks but it is stupid beyond belief to do more.
  17. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Still can not understand why people stick with thsi qualification candidates have been graded down since it was piloted and moderators are not consistent - when it started every school seemed to be doing it but then realisation dawned that its got some mad rules and never the same moderator - personally I would go with OCR and the same moderator for three years at least then the guidence stays the same year on year and you can build a working relationship!
  18. Have to say I "teach" OCR Nationals but moderate DiDA.
    Why? You might ask.
    Quite simple really, I want to see work from students where they have been allowed to use their imagination and flair and I don't get that from OCR.
    I can also say, that having been a moderator for DiDA for all but it's 1st year, the guidance to moderators has hardly changed at all. Also most of the moderators at the standardisation meeting had similar experience to me.
    Regarding what qualifications the Moderator's have, well they have to be ICT teachers and have the backing of their Headteacher. So they are as qualified as the person who cast that aspersion, in fact probably more so.
    Word files have never been accepted, the rtf files provided by the board were accepted early on, after complaints from centres, but then guidance to centres was updated.
    If your centre has not previously been adjusted, are you an Oscar centre? Have you previously had your sample called for?
    And as was stated earlier by Gareth, there is a process to follow if you don't agree with your marks.

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