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DiDA and PDF's

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by lozzybee21, May 19, 2011.

  1. I have taught DiDA for a couple of years and have always encouraged the students to save as PDFs. Recently I had a class of boys who did an extra unit and did not save word docs as PDFs dispite knowing this from completing a previous unit.
    They then wisely pointed out that the moderators toolkit has a viewer called the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. This specifically says that it can view, word, powerpoint and excel files???? Are word documents acceptable? I've seen another post from 2008 saying his students were marked down because of not saving as a PDF, but the office pack does clearly say word documents are viewable using this pack.
    Any ideas??? They are doing D205 gaming unit.
  2. <font size="2">Thanks for the replies. I thought it was best to make them PDF's anyway [​IMG]</font><font size="2">But I do think that this should be made more obvious on the scenarios for the students. When the link is clicked to the compatibility software download, it does specifically say word documents can be viewed.</font>

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