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Did you watch a TV programme about a "maths genuis" last night?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by elrond, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    A humanities teacher was telling me she had seen a programme about a lad with Aspergers on TV last night - apparently the child gets up in front of an assembly at one point and talks about being a "maths genius" and also having few friends (if that jogs anyone's memory).
    She cannot recall either the name of the programme or the channel it was on, making it a little difficult to track down the title of the programme. Did anyone see it and if so, can you tell me what it is called?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. It was on at 9:00 last night on BBC3, and was called "The Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius".
    Think that's the one you mean. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks for that, it's just what I wanted!
    In this age of technology I nearly forgot I could check the listings in the paper but it didn't have BBC3 - will go and look it up on iplayer now :)

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