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Did you survive your first year as a HoD?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by MrMusic, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. MrMusic

    MrMusic New commenter

    The end is in sight. I have one more school production performance to get through, a classroom to tidy and a week of questionalbly planned last lessons before the holidays. This has been my first year as a head of department and I've got to the end, several stone heavier and with a new found respect for the summer holidays... It's been a tough year, my father died in March in an accident and it has taken me quite some time to get back into it all.
    That final bell next Friday cannot come quick enough.
    How's it been for all you new HoDs?
  2. Thankfully, I give it all up after a year. One of my colleagues was given the job permanently - she has no experience but is cheaper and much more enthusiastic about the job - and I don't mind in the slightest. It's been tough and it's reenforced what I always knew: I came into teaching to teach, not manage other people's problems. You've had a much harder year of it than I have: hope you have a good break and are rested and prepared for next year when September comes.
  3. I've survived a bit more than my first year as Head of Maths - having started in Jan 2010. Almost gave it up in first few months - dreadful time to step into the breech - but things have been better this year and we survived OFSTED a few weeks ago. It definitely gets better - many things when you've done them once are more straight forward. I could've really done with a helpful, perhaps cartoon -based guide to the tasks required and when - many folk (esp SLT) just assumed I would know what a Development Plan was supposed to contain and when it had to be done etc. However i haven't got it all sorted - still also 1 stone heavier as well!
  4. Survived the year, my first in England and my first as HOD. Had a tough year with a member of staff off for 2 terms and a NQT in on supply. But looking back and looking at the impact of my changes I am happy.
    Bring on year 2, hopefully more consistent in staffing and a chance to really make more impact.
    But for now.... enjoying the rest of the holidays!

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