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Did we save money keeping a acting deputy head instead of recruiting an assistant head?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by KentishMaid2, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. KentishMaid2

    KentishMaid2 New commenter

    I used to be minion governor in a school in London in 2013-2016 before we moved. We were a 2FE primary. After an RI from OFSTED and resignation of 1 AHT the HT proposed a restructure
    from one HT and 2 AHTs
    to 1 HT, 1DHT and 1 temporary DHT ( substantive I think) to strengthen leadership to focus on priorites.

    A very capable QT (qualified for 4 years but a HLTA before that )was appointed to the temporary DHT having been a very capable subject leader. I later learned that the HT and this QT had worked together closely at a previous school as QT and HLTA ; the recruitment was entirely fair and the appointment worked very well.

    However, after a year the HT advised us that the school needed another restructure with the temporary DHT post ending and being replaced by a permanent AHT post. He said that it was very important to have the new AHT post occupied for September. The GB agreed.

    We advertised and got some very strong CVs from external candidates; i was all set to attend school for shortlisting and was impressed by the candidates CVs and said so to the HT.
    Two days later, before short listing the HT then said that the budget review and shortfall in reception numbers meant we could no longer afford the permanent AHT post and that he wanted to extend the temporary DHT post.
    A govenor asked about the waste of money advertising and it would have to be repeated. THe HT said that he could inform the applicants of a deferral then check later on if they still wanted to apply. I asked what the money differential was but that wasnt available and the HT needed a decision.

    4 Year on Im wondering if we were right to allow this - I left the area soon after so I don't know what ever happened but I strongly expect the temporary DHT got the AHT post during a "quiet" time for recruitment.

    Hhow much money would we have saved retaining a QT acting as a temporary DHT compared to appointing permanent AHT ?
  2. KentishMaid2

    KentishMaid2 New commenter

    The 70 views of this post but the absence of a replay speaks volumes........we were conned ....quite seriously.....Ive just been reading the new OFSTED Framework for Governors and "what you will be expected by OFSTED" etc....I sat through training last month where I was told the COG can go to prison for Safeguarding failures....................is there any other voluntary role ( other than treasurer) where your day job can be a 40 hour week plus 10 hours commute where you work in the evenings to make up the hours taken off for governor meetings YET you're expected to be formally reviewed by paid inspectors. held responsible for defining strategic direction for chidrens life chances, monitor probity in school finances and expected to challenge paid professionals when they might not be doing their jobs? .
  3. Lattelady

    Lattelady New commenter

    Right, I will bite as I have only just read these posts. Firstly, what are you doing worrying about something which took place three years ago? Both you and they have moved on. Whilst I agree that the decision was probably sub optimal, I would not be criticising the Head but the Chair of Governors, they sign off the budget and they do the employing, not the HT.

    Secondly, you are a volunteer, nobody asks you to take on this role and with the exception of safeguarding the responsibility is held by the corporate body and not the individual. Most voluntary roles also have elements of external accountability.
  4. KentishMaid2

    KentishMaid2 New commenter

    Hmmm so the Chair, a well meaning volunteer, is to be "criticised" for trusting and believing the headteacher ; however the deceitful action of the head , who wanted their mate in the job, was only "suboptimal" ( although the head is salaried and supposedly adheres to impeccably high professional standards). Seems like par for the course on these forums i'm afraid ...blame the volunteers and gloss over/forget any malfeasance by teaching staff.

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